X's & O's // graphic sweater + OTK boots

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

In an effort to style a simple, everyday fall/spring outfit, I brought together a few major trends: pops of color, high-waisted jeans, graphic statements, & thigh-high boots. The result? An enviable street look that's chock full of style. And even better, it's a cinch to recreate. 
It's my humble opinion that you can never own too much outerwear (or shoes for that matter...) Think about it - when it's THIS cold outside, your coat basically is your outfit. So you might as well make it count, right? This cherry red topcoat is a favorite of mine as it's bright and cheerful and really pops against an urban sea of black. 
A graphic sweater definitely knows how to make a statement. While I'm not a huge fan of having words on my clothes (this phrase being an exception,) a simple "XO" is pretty darn irresistible. It transforms a simple black sweater into something more much fun and Insta-worthy! And this piece's side slits are simply fabulous. 
Rocking a side-slit sweater or any kind of crop top calls for throwing on your fav pair of high-waisted jeans. These figure-hugging beauties are flattering and elongating, which makes them my go-to high-rise denim. Plus, they're skinny enough to perfectly fit inside these skin-tight boots! 
...Speaking of boots! Suede over-the-knee boots have been a fan favorite these past two seasons, and THIS girl is definitely in love. Whether worn with bare legs, leggings, or skinny jeans, they're undoubtedly flattering and sexy. I recently added a black pair to my collection as well, but I like how gray is a bit unexpected - it seems fresher for spring! 
In need of a dose of print, I added my favorite Rebecca Minkoff bag into the mix. The style is edgy and eye-popping, which perfectly compliments a relatively neutral outfit. 
Oh hello sunglasses! While round sunnies aren't everyone's cup of tea (they weren't mine until recently,) I find this pair from The Row super fun and statement-making. The mint green only makes them THAT much more interesting and exciting to style. And maybe I look like a bug in them, but at least I look like a STYLISH bug. 
 Photos by Antonio Owens 
[coat: Ann Taylor (similar style here) // sweater: Banana Republic (I also like this one) // jeans: Gap // boots: Wendy Williams via QVC (similar pair here) // purse: Rebecca Minkoff (I also like this one) // sunglasses: The Row // earrings: Ella Moss (I also like this pair) // leather cuff: Michael Dawkins // watch: Marc Jacobs // heart tag bracelet: Tiffany & Co. // amethyst bangle: David Yurman]

 If it looks like these photos were NOT taken in February, that's because they weren't - you caught me! Maybe the full-on greenery in the background gave it away? Or the fact that my fingers aren't bright red with frostbite! While I never had time to post these pics back when they were taken in early November, I found them totally appropriate for the end of winter. 

Ok, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself with the whole "end of winter" thing, but hey, a girl can dream, right? Regardless - boots, jeans, a sweater, and a fabulous coat is definitely a combo I can get behind, not matter WHAT stage of winter we're in. 
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Valentine's Day Casual Look // cropped sweater + boyfriend jeans

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

boyfriend jeans fashion blogger
While I love dressing up for Valentine's Day as much as the next girl (ok let's be real - MORE than the next girl), sometimes there's simply no need to go all out. Most recently I shared a fancier V-Day look with you all, but THIS ensemble is perfect for a laid-back holiday spent at the movies or you & your valentine's favorite pizza joint. Because there's no reason jeans and a sweatshirt can't be just as sexy and festive as heels and a skirt. #amirite? 
fashion blogger valentines day outfits
valentines day casual outfit
When it comes to Valentine's Day, red is queen. So if you're opting for a super casual or relaxed vibe, it's best to get festive with color. Otherwise, it could be just any normal day! This top goes the extra mile with its glitter fabric, which I'm unapologetically a huge fan of. Even better, the cropped fit takes this sweater from typical-sweatshirt status to stylish statement-making streetwear. 
red sparkle cropped sweater
valentines day outfit
This is one of my favorite pairs of jeans. They're distressed in all the right places, the wash is not too light and not too dark, and they're beyond flattering. Pick YOUR most-loved denim to wear on date night, and you'll feel confident and comfortable - which is always the sexiest thing you can wear anyways! It's not necessarily about WHAT you wear, but HOW you wear it. 
boyfriend jeans date night
valentines day fashion blogger
Sticking with my beloved Adidas sneaks, I knew I couldn't go wrong. Yes, heels would have taken this outfit to new heights (no pun intended) and given it some polished flair. And booties would've turned it into a fierce look fit for a club, but sometimes you just have to do your poor feet a solid. It also doesn't hurt that these shoes have just as much street cred as they do cushion.
adidas sneakers blogger
adidas sneakerse fashion blogger
This sassy leopard belt really pulls my outfit together. Without it, I would look and feel incomplete. It's that tiny detail that can easily be overlooked, but once it's added, it completely changes everything. I was also in desperate need of some print, so this fun accessory satisfied that need perfectly. 
casual date night outfits
valentines day fashion
I got my red, and with this simple little crossbody, I got my pink too! Blush looks fabulous with everything, and for Valentine's Day especially, there's no equivalent alternative. 
blush crossbody purse
nyc valentines day outfit
Mirrored sunnies are a chic addition to a chill outfit. They'll give you effortless polish and can be worn to edge up a girly frock or add major polish to jeans and a tee. Any way you slice it, they're super fun!
fashion blog valentines day ideas
cropped sweater fashion blogger
Trying to incorporate even more V-Day inspo into my look, I couldn't resist throwing on my precious "Love" necklace. This is a very special piece to me and has been since I got it back in eighth grade. It's delicate, beautiful, and ideal for this love-filled holiday. 
tiffany love necklace
silver dangle earrings
 When dressed down, makeup becomes even more essential than usual. A neutral look, while chic, would be a little too muted for date night when I'm already in such casual attire. So I painted my pout with a deep red matte gloss to make a statement. 
anthropologie sunglasses
valentines day beauty makeup
This isn't your everyday loungewear, which is why this look works for an informal date night. While it IS comfy and casual, it's also stylish and well thought out. 
nyc fashion blogger
red sweatshirt fashion blogger
 Photos by Antonio Owens 
[sweater: & Other Stories // jeans: Gap // sneakers: Adidas // purse: Ann Taylor (I also like this one) // belt: Ann Taylor (I also like this one) // sunglasses: Anthropologie (I also like this style) // necklace: Tiffany & Co. (less expensive version here) // earrings: & Other Stories // lipstick: Kylie Cosmetics' KoKo Collection in "Gorg" (similar product here)]

Dressing up for Valentine's Day is a ton of fun, and it's something I do every year. But in all honesty, this year -- especially since Feb. 14 falls on a Tuesday -- I think I'm going to wear this exact outfit. While my boyfriend and I have romantic plans the weekend AFTER V-Day, on the actual day we're keeping things low-key with a simple dinner-and-a-movie combo.  
how to wear cropped sweater
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Valentine's Day Date Night // midi skirt + bodysuit

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

date night fashion blogger
The best thing about Valentine's Day? The clothes! ...Ok it's not THE best thing, but you know what I mean. Basically, Valentine's Day is like date night on steroids, and anyone who knows me knows I'm a HUGE fan of my and my boyfriend's weekly date nights. So for everyone going all out for V-Day this year, here's some fun fashion inspo:
nyc street style fashion blogger
valentines day outfit
Rocking a bodysuit underneath literally EVERYTHING is my favorite fashion hack. I wear them with skirts, high-waisted jeans, layered under dresses, etc. They're fool-proof and super chic -- not to mention you don't have to worry about coming "untucked" during the day and looking disheveled.  
date night makeup
fashion blog date night outfit
A shiny midi skirt is pretty much a date-night essential at this point. I love this one because it makes a subtle statement and dresses up any top I could possibly pair it with. Plus, while I'm all for pants, there's just something so flirty and fun about a skirt! 
metallic pleated midi skirt
fashion blogger valentines day outfits
Update your date-night wardrobe with ultra sexy lace-up heels. They add instant edge to even the most feminine looks. Not sure about that frilly floral maxi dress? Paired with these babies you have nothing to worry about! 
black lace up heels
valentines day looks
On date nights I like to keep my purses simple and light. I don't want to be lugging around an obnoxious tote bag - you feel me? This structured Zac Posen option is perfect as it's roomy yet compact and totally on-trend. Is it just me or is that gold buckle EVERYTHING?
zac posen black purse
how to wear midi skirt
Dainty yet impactful, this delicate gold statement necklace adds the perfect touch of understated glamour. I also love the layers and symmetrical honeycombs.
layered gold necklace
winter date night outfit
Incorporating gold AND black, my stud earrings were a match made in heaven for this look. 
nyc date night outfit
midi skirt fashion blogger
A view from above! Rings and bracelets always give my date night outfits that extra dash of sparkle. And who doesn't need more sparkle in their life?
metallic midi skirt fashion blogger
I love a good smokey eye, but for V-Day I wanted to make the look EXTRA special. Using pinks and mauves, I gave myself a smokey effect that's super romantic and eye-popping. My secret weapon? Urban Decay's brilliant Naked 3 palette
valentines day makeup ideas
valentines day makeup blog
Just because it's Valentine's Day doesn't mean you're obligated to wear red or pink. Shimmery blue and black is an unexpected alternative with major allure and sophistication. Plus, sometimes it's better NOT to dress on theme. It feels good to be a rebel, huh?
date night outfit
nyc street style
 Photos by Antonio Owens 
[bodysuit: American Apparel // skirt: J. Crew (I also like this one) // heels: Ann Taylor (similar style here) // purse: Zac by Zac Posen // necklace: Ashiana London // first earrings: Marc Jacobs (I also like this pair) // second earrings: Kevia (similar style here) // eyeshadow: Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette // lipstick: Clinique's Clove Pop]

No matter what your Valentine's Day plans are, it's important to feel sexy and confident on EVERY date. Whether you feel your best in yoga pants, a feminine dress, or relaxed denim, you do YOU this Feb. 14...and every day of course! 

I love THIS look in particular though because it's easy to pull together, it's fuss-free (thank goodness for bodysuits, right?), it's elegant, and it looks like I tried WAY harder than I actually did. For me, this is a date night no-brainer! And of course the roses are just icing on the cake ;)
valentines day fasion
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