My New Favorite

Saturday, August 31, 2013

For those of you who got a chance to read my birthday post from two weeks back, you know that I had the 21st birthday of a lifetime. My favorite thing about that special day? Getting to spend it here, in the Chicago-based Archer Townsend showroom. 
Meet James, one of the brilliant minds behind these fantastic clothes as well as the "Townsend" of Archer Townsend. 
James gave me a sneak peak into the Archer Townsend fall line (available now here). It's safe to say that I'm pretty much obsessed with this new line. I wanted to snatch everything up right then and there! It's edgy, comfortable, and so very uptown with a downtown vibe - everything I could want in a fall wardrobe. 
I knew I had to have this sassy tank as soon as I tried it on. The pop of teal is super appealing for fall and it fits like a dream - definitely the softest and most comfortable tank I own. 
In all the photos pictured here, I'm wearing the spring line. However, these leggings are from the new fall collection, and ladies, I'm happy to report that your exhausting search for the world's perfect legging ends here
I love this asymmetrical hemline - it's flattering for any body type and the bold color really brightens up my face. 
What I loved about this sweater is that the front can be worn in the back and vice versa. So basically, you get two sweaters for your buck - genius! 
 Photos by Dan Harper 
I had such a blast playing model for the day and I cannot thank James and the Archer Townsend bunch enough for this fabulous and educational fashion opportunity. I throughly enjoyed myself and wouldn't have wanted to spend my birthday in any other way. I feel as if this is the start of something great

I highly recommend checking out the Archer Townsend website (click here) in order to get a jump on your favorite fall fashion trends. Their newest line just became available and let me be the first to tell you that it's absolutely incredible

If you love comfortable, chic, versatile, and sexy wear-anywhere clothing, then this is the designer for you. Look no further than Archer Townsend - you won't be disappointed

My wonderful family and boyfriend who tagged along for the ride!

Back To The Grind

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

 As we all know, the end of August is notorious for back-to-school shopping, and like any good fashionista, you must not skimp out on your back-to-school fashion lesson! Here are some of my favorite looks to start the year off stylishly. And remember ladies, always dress for success! 

My motto is, if you've got to do something, you might as well look good doing it! Because I don't know about you, but whenever I look my best, I feel my best. 

 Show some school pride in style by wearing your favorite jersey or school Tee and tossing on a blazer over it. Add chunky accessories, a hat if you're feeling bold, and colorful sneakers, and you are well on your way to the top of the "best dressed" list. 

Sweet and girly with a preppy flare is perfect for your first day of class. I love the blouse layered underneath this floral sundress because it turns "nerd" into "nerd chic." The sweater brings the look down a notch to appear casual and appropriate for class. And hey, we all know classrooms can be pretty chilly! 

Brighten up any classroom with a little (or a lot) of colorful tribal print. It's attention-grabbing and fun and makes you look extremely confident when worn all over, as shown. I love this set because each piece can be worn together or alone, and these vibrant flats makes treks across campus totally doable! 

Pair your favorite go-to dress with chic sneakers for a look that's a little bit of everything. It's comfortable, practical, stylish, and bold. Just make sure your sneakers don't clash with your dress pattern. Keep it neutral in either your shoe choice or dress selection. 

A romper is the perfect way to appear polished and put together when you're in a pinch. Wear it with flats or sandals during the day and strappy heels on Friday night. It's versatile and oh so comfy - a college staple. 

A few of my own looks that make the grade 

Enjoy this last week of August everyone! 

21 Birthday Wishes

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yesterday was my 21st birthday and I had a lovely time celebrating with my family and amazing boyfriend (who surprised me with these fun balloons when I woke up)!
 We took a special trip to the West Loop in the heart of the city and I got to take a tour of the Archer Townsend showroom and collaboration/production room. Archer Townsend is my newest favorite design house and so it was such a pleasure to be invited down to see the latest and greatest designs that they're pumping out for this fall. I loved everything I saw and I can't wait to showoff more pictures later this week!  
 James Townsend, co-designer and co-founder of Archer Townsend, happily greeted me when we arrived. He showed me around and introduced me to some of their latest gems that will be on the market in about three weeks. Click here to pick out your favorite piece from their latest collection. 
 With James' fabulous recommendation, my family and I headed over to the world famous restaurant, Girl & The Goat, for dinner. It's super exclusive so we were lucky to get in!  

After dinner, we hit up Magnolia Bakery for some sweet treats!
I had such a memorable birthday and I'm so excited to start my 21st year of life!
[dress: Topshop, sandals: Steve Madden, necklace: Ann Taylor]