4 Spring Dresses, 4 unique Looks

Thursday, April 24, 2014

There's a flattering sundress out there for everyone. Whether your style is fresh, romantic, simple, or classic, your perfect match can be found. 
Introducing four distinct spring dresses on four very unique ladies. Each model has styled her dress according to her own style. Welcome to your ultimate spring dress guide!   
 Meet my best friend since seventh grade, Amanda. Back in the day, Amanda and I were big fans of flared jeans and the graphic tee. But clearly we've come a long way since middle school. I would describe Amanda's current style as trendy and classic. She always looks polished and doesn't like to cloud up an outfit with accessories or jewelry. She's very tailored and streamlined, but always chic.
 Amanda is modeling the classic look. A simple white dress is the spring and summer equivalent to an LBD - it's always flattering, perfect for any occasion, and can be dressed up or down depending on your choice of accessories. 
 Since Amanda doesn't have her ears pierced and prefers not to wear a lot of jewelry, this dress is perfect for her because it comes with a built-in necklace! This is a great way to add some effortless sparkle to your ensemble. 
My favorite part of Amanda's dress is this adorable girly bow draping down the back. It's hard to see in this picture, but it adds a touch of glamour to her overall look.  
There's nothing more classic than nude heels. Pair them with anything and they will undoubtedly add poise and charm.  
Rachel, Amanda's sister, is modeling a romantic look. Her style is trendy and sophisticated and always on point. Unlike Amanda, Rachel enjoys experimenting with jewelry and taking stylish risks when it comes to her accessories. 
I love the earthy edge this necklace brings to an otherwise soft look. With a nude dress like this, it's important to incorporate a pop of color here and there. 
This dainty look is perfect on Rachel's petite frame. The sleeves giver her dress a modest feel while the lace adds some subtle allure. 
My lovely sister Sarah is modeling a simple look. At 16 years old, she doesn't need anything over-the-top. Sarah's style is basic - she likes wearing tailored pieces that aren't too fitted. She's all about stylish comfort.
 This pattern suits Sarah well because it's youthful and playful but still chic due to the subdued color palette. She doesn't like a lot of fuss on her clothing and this cotton fit-and-flare style is right up her alley. 
I'm showing off a fresh look by incorporating pastels and brights into my outfit. My style is very girly and feminine, which I like to bring into everything I wear.
 With a single-tone dress like this, I thought I'd play with color through my accessories. Doing this brings the whole look together as well as adds some visual interest. 
If you get chilly, just throw on a chambray coverup for a casual chic feel - they look beautiful over any sundress. 
Complimentary nude wedges pull this crisp look together while adding a splash of youthful elegance. 
There you have it, four friends, four different styles. No matter what your fashion preferences are, you can always look chic and fashionable.   
 Of course I had to include a boyfriend shot! My weekend at home wouldn't have been complete without him. 
Photos by Dan Harper (thanks Dad)!
[blue floral dress: Gap, mint dress: Forever21, nude lace dress: Nordstrom Rack, white dress: Francesca's, chambray coverup: Madewell, nude wedges: Michael Kors, pink necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane

From tomboys to girly-girls, every woman deserves a fashionable dress that suits her perfectly. There's nothing quite like the confident feeling you get when you know you're rocking a fabulous dress. 

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