Easy Polish :: pencil skirt + graphic tee + sneakers

Thursday, July 9, 2015

A pencil skirt is the best way to add easy polish to your everyday looks without appearing too overdone or stuffy. Looking for a piece that will change your style game for good? Look no further. 
A bold graphic tee makes this outfit extra modern. With its eye-catching pattern and basic color scheme, this super versatile top can easily be dressed up or down. I prefer a happy mixture of both when it comes to my daily style :)
A no-fuss pencil skirt is one of those basic pieces that no closet should be without. They literally can be worn with anything (as demonstrated here) and contrary to popular belief, they are in no way limited to an office environment. Oversized sweaters, crop tops, blouses, or button-ups - you name it and a pencil skirt will flatter it. 
These Kendra Scott earrings are so unique! You know how spilled oil appears rainbow and displays different colors depending on your vantage point? That's exactly what these earrings are like in person. They shine differently depending on how you look at them. So neat! 
These are my easy slip-on-and-go sneakers. When I purchased them last fall I considered getting black or white, but then I thought, nah! Life is too short for boring shoes and this green is too fun to pass up. 
The extra special thing about this vintage Tiffany & Co. necklace is that it's unisex! The laid-back yet luxe vibe compliments the uptown, downtown feel I've got going on here. 
Your pencil skirt can be the hero piece in your wardrobe. Let it work double duty and wear yours casually, formally, sporty, or a mix of all three like me! It's all about getting a bit creative and thinking outside the box. 
Photos by Dan Harper 
[top: Loft, skirt: Ann Taylor, sneakers: Gap, necklace: Tiffany & Co. (vintage), earrings: Kendra Scott, watch: Marc Jacobs (I also have my eye on this one), amethyst bangle: David Yurman, heart bracelet: Tiffany & Co., lipstick: Urban Decay's 'Jilted'

I for one cannot think of any top that doesn't go with a pencil skirt. Truly. Between my friends, roommates, and the clients I see at Ann Taylor, I get asked  the question, "What can I wear this with?" a lot. The beauty of owning a pencil skirt is that the answer is "Anything!" You don't have to be a seasoned and/or exploratory style enthusiast to have fun with this versatile piece. 

The girls with me in that last photo are friends of mine from middle school and high school. While my dad and I were taking photos, they just happened to pass by. It was a fun surprise because I hadn't seen one of them since high school graduation! There's nothing like spontaneously catching up with old friends, am I right?


  1. I loved the pattern on that top. This B&W look is so pretty!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  2. There is nothing more classic and timeless than a black pencil skirt;) I like the way you've styled it with that bright top and mint sneakers,such a youthful look turned out!
    By the way,your father does great photographs!

  3. And especially a black pencil skirt. I just did a post explaining just how versatile a black pencil skirt. You just showed in this post how to dress it down but one could even just switch the shoes for heels and instantly get a more formal look!! I love this post and that lipstick is amazing on you!


  4. Very nice outfit! I really love it! x

  5. Qué look más bonito!! me ha encantado


  6. You look lovely. This is so stylish and comfy!


  7. Wow amazing outfit! I love your Tiffany necklace :)) your your top is juct awesome :) have a nice day x

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    www.blotterlife.com :))

  8. Such a pretty look! Love how you paired it with sneakers. It works so well!


  9. You look so pretty !


  10. I'm loving the bold pattern on this shirt!


  11. You look fantastic! Love your blouse and shoes:)

  12. Love how a pencil skirt instantly makes your feel like a woman. That patterned top is so adorable too :)

    xx Yasmin

  13. Love those shoes :)


  14. It's so good to see old friends :) Your look is a golden middle, it can be dressed up or laid back- with some sneakers ;) xx Maja

  15. You look lovely! Love these jewelry you wear. <3


  16. I love how your colorful sneakers took this outfit from work appropriate to casual, fun, and funky! Super cute!

    P.S. Come enter the $120 SheIn giveaway on my blog!


  17. Gorgeous outfit! Love mint sneakers! Great accent!

  18. Great twist with the sneakers! Totally what I love!

  19. stunning,You look so beautiful and very chic
    That top is perfect

  20. Such a cute top! And I've been loving everything with sneakers!

    Fishbowl Fashion

  21. Great outfit! I love how you dressed down the skirt for a casual day
    Dresses & Denim

  22. What a cute outfit! I agree that pencil skirts flatter everyone. They even look good on my cylindrical shape. Your blog looks quite interesting -- think I'll stick around!

  23. Love the unexpected pairing! Looks great for a casual day.