Summertime Fine :: gold + python + caged heels

Friday, August 21, 2015

Here we are, the dog days of summer. August is the hottest month of them all and if that's not grueling enough, there's also the...dun dun dun...humidity! But although it's guaranteed to be sticky and muggy this time of year don't panic, you can still look fabulous even when you feel like you're baking in an oven. How you may ask? I'll tell ya! Today I'm sharing my tricks to beating the heat and staying summertime fine all the way until September 23rd (aka the first day of fall). 
Getting dressed in the morning can be tricky when it's sweltering out - especially because indoors the AC is uncomfortably (and unnecessarily) chilling. But take it from me, the girl who has no AC in her apartment; layers are key and make sure to dress in a breathable material. 
I tend to veer towards more loose-fitting items when it's unbearably hot, but this particular dress is a summertime winner because it's loose up top and provides a glorious amount of stretch and comfort on the bottom. Plus, the fit is very flattering and easily hides problem areas. 
I also don't usually go for low necklines but on a particularly hot day having an exposed neck is cooling (same logic behind why a turtleneck is extra cozy in the winter). I complimented this v-neck cut with a simple gold necklace that falls perfectly below my collarbone. Lately I've been digging this chic, minimalistic look.
Is python the new leopard? I don't know if any other print can replace my leopard obsession but I do love a good snake print. The leather and suede combination make this purse super sleek and the neutral colors look stellar next to any solid. This right here is the perfect fall bag. 
In the height of summer I thought of these shoes as caged sandals. But now that we're approaching fall they can be sling-back, peep-toe caged booties...right? 
A punch of pink because, why not? It adds some summertime flair to an outfit focused on fall-like hues. 
Let's talk hair and skin. My face sweats - a lot and my hair is extremely susceptible to the horrors of humidity (hello curls). Here are the tricks that I live by: 
1. Wash your hair in cold water. If cold showers aren't your thing (are they anyone's thing?) then rinse in cold water right before you leave the shower. This causes your hair follicles to close, thus retaining moisture.
2. Conditioner. It's a must! The more moisture your hair receives the better. 
3. Use a heat protecting cream or serum following your wash. This helps not only if you use hot tools but also in combating the heat outside the house. I use Mythic Oil by L'Oreal Professional
4. Once you have the style you're going for, lightly spray your whole head with hairspray. This will lock all those little fly-aways down. 
5. Never leave the house with wet hair. Get that mane under control! 
6. Don't wash your hair every day - it dries your locks out and removes healthy oils from your strands. 
1. Only apply makeup to a clean, freshly washed face; basic but important to remember. 
2. Summer is the best time for powder foundations. The powdery consistency helps combat shine and it doesn't melt off your face. I swear by Bare Minerals - it stays flawless all day (even in the pool). 
3. For extra hot days when you know you'll be running around, seal your makeup with a setting spray. This will prevent your makeup from melting/smudging. I use Urban Decay's de-slick makeup setting spray
4. Never leave the house without your oil blotting sheets. These babies are miracle workers. I use Clean & Clear sheets
5. I also carry napkins or Kleenex in my purse with me wherever I go and I blot my face when I feel the sweat dripping (my face literally drips with sweat in the summer). 
 Photos by Ryan Greene 
[dress: Banana Republic (I also love this one) // heels: Vince Camuto // purse: Talbots (old but similar here) // necklace: Ann Taylor // earrings: Kate Spade // watch: Kate Spade // gold knot bracelet: Kate Spade // amythyst bangle: David Yurman // heart bracelet: Tiffany & Co. // lipstick: Bite in 'Barberry'

I love summer. And even though it makes me sweat and makes my hair look like Princess Mia's before look, it's still a time of year that I really embrace and try to live to the fullest. Hopefully with some of my style/beauty tips you can too! Let's seize these last weeks of the season and make them the best yet! 


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