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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

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I'm here to tell you that yes, believe it or not, you CAN wear sweatpants to work! Well, maybe not actual sweatpants, but the closest thing to it in the fashion world - joggers! And trust me, once you take these babies for a spin, you'll be wearing them everywhere...even to work...multiple times a week (whoops)! 
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zara fall 2016
When styling joggers for the office or a day/night out, the key, is what you pair them with - i.e. your shoes and your top. Since joggers resemble sweatpants, it's best to amp up the rest of your look and choose dressier pieces for added polish. A tucked in button-down is a no-fail option. A tucked in button-down in a fun, whimsical print? Even better! 
bird button down top
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Ah the jogger, the more glamorous, distant cousin of the sweatpant, and the less-stuffy sister-in-law of the trouser. They're a real lifesaver at the office when you feel like wearing PJs, and they have saved me countless times when I don't feel like getting dressed but I still want to look put-together. Yes, you CAN work these at work! And once you do, you'll thank me :)
zara jogger pants
Kats fashion fix
As I mentioned before, your choice of footwear is super important when styling joggers. And while I have worn these pants with my Adidas Superstars, there's nothing like a chic heel in a bright pop of color to really show off the true potential of joggers. Plus, aren't these sandals to-die-for? 
teal suede heels zara
nyc casual street style
Incorporating some sparkle & shine into each of my looks is important to me. And since a necklace didn't work here, I went big with my earrings! This is a dressy pair of studs that I find myself wearing with everything from t-shirts to work dresses. 
ann taylor pear earrings
fall street style
To echo my suede teal heels, I painted on a matte fuchsia lipstick. It brightens up my look and gives it a daytime feel. As for my eyes, I kept my shadow neutral but impactful. I achieved this specific look by using three different Urban Decay shadows: Suspect, Sin, and Mushroom
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hot pink lipstick beauty blogger
 Full disclosure: I am BEYOND bad at styling hair. But I completely lucked out with this bun that I threw up in just one try! I don't think I could replicate it if I tried, but I love how it turned out. A curly, wispy bun is chic, playful, and effortless (well, effortless for SOME of us...)
beauty blogger makeup
messy bun beauty blogger
This is definitely a look you can throw together on a work day. It's that perfect "Monday Blues" outfit you can pull out of your back pocket when you want to wear something nice but secretly wish you were still in your pajamas. It's trying hard WITHOUT trying hard, get it? 
nyc fashion blogger fall spring
metallic marc jacobs watch
Photos by Dan Harper
[top: Zara // pants: Zara // heels: Zara (similar here) // purse: Kate Spade // earrings: Ann Taylor // watch: Marc Jacobs (I also like this one) // heart tag bracelet: Tiffany & Co. // amethyst bangle: David Yurman // lipstick: Urban Decay's "Bittersweet"]

I've worn this exact outfit on multiple occasions. And surprisingly enough, it never gets old! I've worn this to work, out to dinner in Chelsea, and even on a casual weekend when I wanted to be cute yet comfy. 

And don't even get me started on these pants! I haven't had them for long, but they've already accompanied me on two airplane trips, been worn to the office countless times, and I've even - almost - slept in them. I'm telling ya, once you try on a pair of joggers, you'll never be the same!
navy blue joggers
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  1. You look so pretty ! and i love your shirt....

  2. Jogger pants are my current addiction and I'm wearing it almost all the time whenever I go out. It's just so comfy! I like how you styled yours in a corporate and classy way. Gorgeous! :)


  3. This certainly looks like an office ready outfit Kat! I am loving how you put a twist to the usual office ootd with those joggers - such a smart idea!
    I'm in love with the blouse you are wearing mainly because I have been obsessed over bird anything! Looks very beautiful on you!