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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

nyc winter fashion pics
It's mid January and the struggle is REAL! The winer style rut has creeped up on you, leaving you uninspired, a tad desperate, and just very very cold. Have no fear, I've been there and have lived to tell the tale! Prepare to find your creativity again with a few of these killer styling tips.
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how to wear t shirt to work
It starts with a coat. If you find yourself turning to the same old black puffer jacket every day for four months straight, yeah, you're going to get bored. Learn to embrace - and love - your last layer and treat it as an equal. Especially on days when you don't take your coat off, it's JUST as important as what's underneath, if not more. I for one am obsessed with leopard - it always make me feel super chic. 
fashionable winter coats
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Slogan/graphic Ts are such a fun way to add major punch to your winter wardrobe. Feeling sassy? Let your T-shirt do all the talking. They also provide a nice switch-up to the completely exhausted sweater. And while a T may not be as warm as a thick knit, you can always layer a nude cami underneath to keep out the chill. 
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new york is the thing t shirt
Let me guess, skinny jeans and leggings are your ride-or-die pant right now, am I right? While I'm a huuuuge fan of denim and spandex, sometimes you need to snap out of your addiction and breathe some new life into your style. Enter: elastic waistband trousers; they're genius! As comfortable as a sweatpant but infinitely more fashionable, these pants are office-approved and provide a much-needed splash of color in a sea of winter neutrals. 
nyc winter street style pics
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Fact: hats help keep you warm. They also can TOTALLY make your outfit - talk about killing two birds with one stone! The oversized knit variety is trending this season, and the pom pom on top is just too cute not to rock. 
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fashion blog winter pics
Ok, so these may not be the warmest shoes on the block, but they ARE waterproof, which makes them totally tolerable in the snow and slush. Oxfords are sophisticated, polished, and provide a very different vibe than any pair of boots could ever give you. The fact that they're metallic is a bonus ;)
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how to wear leopard coat
Purses are another great way to spice up your cold-weather favorites. Instead of turning to the same ol' bag day in and day out, keep yourself on your toes by switching carriers every so often. While I'm sporting a gray style here, I get plenty of use out of my canary yellow bag in the wintertime too! 
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I find myself putting a little more effort into my beauty routine in the cold-weather months. Why? Probably because I don't have to worry about humidity and sweat ruining my look LOL. But in all seriousness, for some reason, when it's chilly outside, it seems like you have more of an excuse to go all out when it comes to rocking a statement lip, a bold eye, or BOTH! Go ahead and be as dark and as moody as your teenage self would have wanted. 
winter beauty looks makeup
winter fashion pics
 In the winter, it's all about finding functional & practical pieces to wear that are ALSO stylish and exciting. It's like this: if you have to wear a coat every day anyways, you might as well make it fun and cute! Same goes for your hat, boots, etc. Inject personality into your everyday looks through colors, prints, and textures. THAT'S the key to making winter fashion look effortless. 
winter outfit inspiration
Photos by Dan Harper 
[coat: Ann Taylor (I also like this one) // T-shirt: Rebecca Minkoff (I also like this one) // pants: Banana Republic (similar style here) // hat: Loft (similar style here) // shoes: Clark's (I also like this pair) // purse: Michael Kors (similar here) // choker: Urban Outfitters // earrings: & Other Stories // silver spike bracelet: Stella & Dot // lip color: Nars velvet lip glide in "Deep Aubergine" // eyeshadow: Urban Decay's Naked eyeshadow palette]

Moral of the story: don't let cold temps drag ya down, k? 
winter fashion blog pics
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  3. I've always wanted a leopard print coat! Yours is adorable!

    By Lauren M

  4. Cool look babe, I love your leo coat and your printed tee!!!
    Kisses, Paola.

  5. Yes hahaha the struggle is real and I hear you about coats. I only wear my puffer coat when it is in the 20s. It is heavy I hate wearing it. LOVE this coat, I got a teddy bear coat in a topaz color that I love.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  6. I so need a coat like that, it is gorgeous!

  7. Hi sweetie,
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