Almost But Not Quite

Thursday, March 7, 2013

 Photos by Erin Valentine
[sweater: Gap, skirt: Akira, knee socks: Steve Madden, boots: Frye, necklace: Ann Taylor, heart ring: Juicy Couture, earrings: Macy brand at Macy's]

Although it's not officially spring yet, I'm just so excited for the arrival of warmer weather that I couldn't help but to get into the spirit just a little bit by...(gasp) not wearing any tights with my skirt! It was such a freeing feeling to go bare legged after such a long winter of concealment. And now that I've gotten a taste for that springtime sensation, I just want to bust out all my sundresses and wedges! But alas, I must refrain - unfortunately the weather conditions are not quite satisfactory yet.

I guess I'll have to continue to get my I-wish-it-was-springtime fix through stockingless legs, knee socks, and boots. I feel like it's fall all over again...accept this time I'm dying for some spaghetti straps rather than wool scarves. And you never know, with this bipolar weather we've been experiencing lately, I just may have to resort back to covering up again in the name of warmth (but let's stay optimistic).   


  1. You look gorgeous!! Beautiful outfit!
    Love the sweater and skirt :)

  2. Cool skirt and i love your hair :)


  3. In Poland is too cold for such outfit but the spring is comming! :) you look lovely. I love combination of skirt and knee socks - it looks so cute.

  4. Tell me about the nice weather in die need for. I love the zip detailing on your sweater and also the details on that skirt. You look very pretty as always.


  5. Beautiful outfit! I love these shoes!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, I follow you.

    All the best,

  6. It's spring here now! we share the same sentiment dear, I'm starting to hate those leggings as winter drags so slow. lovin' the details of your skirt. can be worn casual and in parties too with just slight change in top. gorgeous!

  7. Love your sweater <3 <3 Beautiful look honey!!

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  8. Love the detailing on the skirt. You look super cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. oo I love your skirt!!
    UK High Street Fashion

  10. Hallo Kathleen!

    Hallo girl!

    Happy to find your blog becose your style is very close to me! You are so lovely girl!

    Follow you and hope you follow me back. Kisses from Prague!

  11. It is so exciting when we get to stop wearing tights isn't it! Love this look! The skirt is just perfection with the embroidery and stud details and your accessories always amaze me! I am liking your post on bloglovin! :)


  12. Hello there! what a lovely post! I really love brown boots and like how you combined them with the white stockings!

    Andrea xx

  13. oh, you're so beautiful i love your hair, and nice outfit (:

  14. oh my gosh you're so beautiful! :) We're participating in a common giveaway and I'm also hosting a Dior giveaway on my blog, perhaps you're interested :)

    Good to know your blog!

    xx, Sandra @

  15. Love your skirt!! So cute!! :) Perfect on you!



  16. Gorgeous skirt and super lovely ring <3


  17. Hey Gorgeous! I love your look. the color of your jacket is nice and gosh the details on your skirt, lovely and unique.