Inside A Locket...

Friday, March 15, 2013

You can tell a lot about a girl by the type of shoes she's wearing. You can tell a lot about a girl by the type of purse she carries or by the color of her nail polish. You can tell a lot about a girl by...what's in her locket? Why yes, yes you can.

My locket just so happens to hold dried beans in it. Yep, beans. And don't worry (because I know you're curious), there's definitely a story behind this. 

Photos by Erin Valentine 
[blouse: Ann Taylor, leggings: Madewell, boots: Frye, earrings: Chicago boutique, locket: gift from Grandma]

While many locket-owners often leave their lockets empty (it's a challenge to find a tiny enough picture to fit inside), a lot of girls fill their lockets with a special picture of someone close to them. I've seen girls with pictures of them and their boyfriend tucked away inside or a headshot of a lost loved one. Me however, like with most things in my life, I chose a more unique approach in regards to the contents of my locket. 

My grandma gave me this Irish locket as a special gift when I was about seven years old (I was obsessed with jewelry from a young age), and I really wanted to put something special inside but I was too lazy to create a teeny tiny picture for it. Then one morning, a few years later, when I was headed off to 4th grade, my dad was in the kitchen before work making coffee for himself like always

Every morning my dad would let me smell the coffee beans before he poured them into the  grinder because the smell of fresh coffee beans is one of my favorite smells in the world. On this particular morning he handed me a bean and told me to keep it with me all day. That way I'd be able to carry the smell around and I could indulge in its delightful scent whenever I wanted to. So instead of placing the bean in my pocket like a normal ten year old, I discovered that it fit perfectly inside my locket. And that's where it's been ever since! 

The other bean was given to me my sophomore year of high school in my health class...but that's not really an exciting or heartwarming story. So now it's my turn to ask you - What's in your locket?! 


  1. cute shirt!! brings out your eyes beautifully :)

  2. Hi, nice look and post!
    Kiss Kiss
    I wait for you sooN!

  3. I like that style ;)
    Nice pictures!!

  4. beautiful blouse!! your eyes look so gorgeous!! :D

  5. Lovely story. Unfortunetely I don't have my own locket but yours is very pretty.

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    You look beautiful!
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  7. Hi just found your blog! I love your shirt, its so vibrant - really brings out your eyes, very flattering colours for you. Also love the boots, perfect for any outfit aren't they :) Great post!

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  8. Such a wonderful story! I adore things with a hidden meaning and memories. And just like you, I love love love the smell of coffee beans - nothing makes the room smell more cosy than a scent of coffee. x

  9. This is a wonderful story! Unfortunately I don't have a locket like you do, but if I'd ever get one, I'll be sure to put something unique as you did. :) As for your blog, it's really amazing and so are you, love your outfits and the way you smile. :)
    I'm following you back!

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  11. oh my god your eyes!!!
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  12. What a fun story :) you look so pretty and I love the top! Thanks for stopping by my blog, im following you back!

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  16. Cute post! I love the story!

    Besos, M!

  17. You have lovely features! Plump lips and large eyes kind of like a barbie doll!

    Fol;owing you!

  18. Muy bonita la camiseta!

  19. I love your shirt, i have a similar one but with orange stripes. Cute bean story, probably reminds you of your dad all the time, and i love how unique you chose to be with your locket! :)

  20. Beautiful sweater,I have a similar one.;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  21. Very lovely outfit!
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  22. Amazing look!!!!
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  23. This is really a perfect outfit!!! :) Love the color of the blouse!!



  24. The blouse and the earrings look gorgeous and of course the locket is divine. The story behind it is really cute. I have a pretty locket too but it´s empty so far. I have to put something in it too <3




  25. very very nice my dear!

  26. Love the shirt and the locket is adorable! You look great.

  27. I love the story behind your locket, that is so cute! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  28. Cute look! Beautiful make up girl :) X

  29. Cute outfit! I love your little locket necklace!

    Sita xx

  30. I always enjoy your photos because you are my fellow metal mouth (I wear braces on the inside). Your smile is still stunning, and I love this electric blue tunic. You look fantastic, as per the usual :)


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  32. Very cute outfit! Your makeup looks fantastic! And the story of the beans in your locket it really sweet. (Though it would be easier to read if it were all the same size type though.)

  33. How cool is that? I love jewelry that has meaning and I think lockets are such a fun item. I would love to have one day! :)

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  36. What a very heartwarming story behind the coffee bean in your locket. something really very meaningful indeed, and coming from your dad, thats really very sweet!
    I used to own a locket once and lost it in the playground, hehe! it was from my dad.
    BTW, love your top girl, i love the electric blue color contrast with the navy blue and your earrings perfectly match it!

  37. You look so cute and the colors of your blouse really complements your eye color. I don't remember seeing your hair up but you look great as well. Thank you for always the sweetest thoughts on my post. I really appreciate it.


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