Sheath Madness

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

[dress: Ann Taylor (not the same but similar style from same designer herehere, and here), shoes: Steve Madden, earrings (similar), yellow and pink bracelets: Ann Taylor

According to, the word 'sheath' means "a case or covering for the blade of a knife, sword, etc, or any similar close-fitting case." Honestly that means nothing to me. In fashion however, a sheath is simply a dress (now that I can relate to); a narrow-fitted dress that drapes over the body and has no particular waist or area of definition. Personally, I have never been a fan of the sheath (especially worn without a belt), but this above dress, my friends, is my exception. And who knows, it may lead to many other sheath exceptions as well! 
This sheath is a work of art, in its specific form and of course in regard to its colors. When I slip this baby on, I feel as if I am wearing something truly special. It stands out but isn't over-the-top and I am still able to pile on my signature wristful of bracelets. Sheaths look amazing with belts, cardigans, blazers, and jackets, but rarely do I see one fit enough to stand alone; this one however, does beautifully on its own, and I love how these charcoal sandals compliment the dark undertones in the dress. I felt in the mood for some wild hair and large earrings in order to exemplify an exotic vibe, and those both paired perfectly with this 'sheath of all sheaths' as well. 


  1. So where can i get these awesome clothes!! - isis

    1. Underneath every post I list where each item I'm wearing came from and provide a link to either the same item or an item that's similar! Super easy :) and of course you can always ask!

    2. Thanks gurll!!! swag, isis out lol
      This is really awesome Harps!!

  2. WOW! Great hair, great dress, great look.

    Loving your blog :)
    Followed, would you check mine?