Go Fur It :: leather leggings + fur vest

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Take risks this season! Love leather? Give the trend a try and rock it. Got your eye on that fur vest but afraid you won't be able to pull it off? I say go for it (or shall I say fur it) and wear it with confidence. The holidays are such a fun time for outfit experimentation and showing off ;) So flaunt your feathers (and your fur) and shine this season in anything and everything your heart desires. 
I have to admit, I've never owned something quite so furry before. But the fur vest trend is so hot right now that I thought I should definitely give it a try. Some may think a vest like this is a little much, but I absolutely love it. It's a statement piece for sure but it's also a killer layering tool. Let me tell you, this baby is incredibly warm (coming from the girl who is always shivering)! It also fits underneath all my coats for when I need a layer of bear skin to protect me from these NYC winds ;) Grab the same vest here - now on a DOUBLE sale! 
A bow blouse like this is a great alternative to your typical collard button-down. This variation is just a tad more polished and unexpected. I love this deep burgundy color (especially for the holidays) and the round gold buttons make a luxe statement. But the best part about a blouse like this is that you can leave it untied for a relaxed, off-duty vibe, or you can tie it up for a slightly preppy, uptown feel. 
[vegan] Leather leggings are something anyone can pull off. Trust me! I love them for days when I don't feel like putting on real clothes. They're just as comfy as regular leggings but they have way more style clout and edge. Leggings this cool can be worn from the office (depending on your day job) to drinks and dancing come nightfall. These are the pants your wardrobe can't do without - just remember to wear them with attitude! 
Surprise! I'm wearing another hat. I can't get enough of them this season. This is my all-time favorite topper, I got it at Anthroplogie last year at Christmastime. It always seems to add that extra something to any look I'm styling. Sometimes it's hard not to wear it every day
This blush purse/clutch is a fun and easy way to incorporate a pop of color into any look. Blush is a soft neutral that's feminine, charming, and always in style; an ideal compliment to just about any outfit. 
Since I'm not wearing a necklace, I wanted earrings that pop with a whole lot of sparkle and shine. These classic Kate Spade studs do the trick for me every time. 
How gorgeous is this Brooklyn Bridge backdrop? These photos were taken on a day when my friends and I spent a day in Brooklyn bopping around in bookshops, eating way too much Shake Shack, and taking goofy pictures like usual. Pictured with me below is Leah, one of my very best friends from college who moved to New York City along with me and tons of other people from our class after graduation. Leah has her own dope blog that you can checkout here. I highly advise you read it - she's hilarious. 
[faux fur vest: Ann Taylor // bow blouse: Ann Taylor // leather leggings: Ann Taylor // hat: Anthropologie (similar here) // booties: Sam Edelman // blush purse: Ann Taylor // earrings: Kate Spade // watch: Marc Jacobs // gold link bracelet: Stella & Dot // amethyst bangle: David Yurman // heart tag bracelet: Tiffany & Co.]

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Emerald City :: monochrome Thanksgiving outfit + craft

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Let's talk turkey, Thanksgiving is a holiday of food, family, and comfort. The goal is to be comfy and relaxed while indulging in pie slice after pie slice. However, there's also a need for style. Think about it, Thanksgiving is a social holiday so chances are you'll be surrounded by others, which means you naturally want to look your best. This look was inspired by Thanksgiving with all of these factors in mind; it's a feel-good outfit that's polished and fashionable while allowing for much needed comfort, perfectly suitable for endless trips back to the kitchen for more.
A monochromatic look is striking in any color, but I chose emerald because of it's neutrality and magical gift of looking amazing on anyone. It's also just a fun color to wear in the fall because it contrasts the vibrant red and orange leaves in a beautiful way. 
To add some spice to my look, I chose flashy footwear; it'd be too easy (and boring) to wear nude or black pumps. Silver is a neutral of its own, and with a pointed python toe, these beauties are a complete fashion win. Plus, the metallic tone truly compliments a monochrome backdrop. 
Although my heels may be dramatic, this necklace is really the centerpiece of my look. It pulls all the other pieces of my outfit together and elegantly breaks up my sea of green. 
I have been all about this type of pant lately. Ankle pants are the new 'it' item to own and it's so easy to see why. They're beyond flattering and they hit at just the right point on your ankle. They look great cuffed (that's how I style them with booties), and most importantly, they highlight your fierce footwear!  
My H&M hat adds an essential element to this outfit. Without it I feel like something's missing; it's a great finishing touch! And my earrings make a statement without being over the top. They're the perfect companion to such a powerful necklace. 

How gorgeous is this fall floral arrangement? Forget the cornucopia, this is the ideal centerpiece for any Thanksgiving table. I love that it's unique and fresh, the flowers are 100% real and so is the pumpkin they're arranged in. Talk about creative and festive! My very talented roommate, Heather, made this beauty and below she shares her floral arranging tips and how you can make a totally unique centerpiece of your own (or even order an original from her). 
In Heather's own words: "Flower Arranging is all about using your own creativity and style to create a unique piece. I love creating arrangements for special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, or when my apartment needs something special. It may seem complicated and daunting, but with most things, the more you practice, the better you become and your eye becomes trained on what looks best. Below are some quick tips if you want to give flower arranging a try. It is a fun way to let your self be creative, and your friends and family will love them!"

Tip 1- Buying the Flowers: Flowers can be really expensive, so if you are a newcomer to flower arranging, try going to a grocery store to pick out a bouquet that has a variety of flowers. Whole Foods has beautiful seasonal bouquets that offer 5 or 6 different types of flowers. This way you are spending $10-15 on one bouquet, rather than a more expensive one from a specialized store. If you live by a farmers market, try searching there for flowers, usually they offer great prices for many different types.
Tip 2- Container: When creating an arrangement, I like to put my flowers in a fun container rather than just a vase, especially if you are giving it as a gift. As you can see from the pictures, I used pumpkins and squashes for a Thanksgiving table setting and d├ęcor. This is where you can put your own style into the creations. For the summer, I have used plastic margarita glasses, pineapples, and watering cans. Walk around a craft store (I go to Michaels often) and see what pops out at you, but don’t forget, it must be water resistant or else it will leak!
Tip 3- Floral Foam: This is the secret to flower arranging! Floral Foam is a green spongy foam that you place inside of your container. This foam is necessary as it prolongs the life of the flowers, and it holds the flowers in place.
 Here is how it works: I buy the foam (usually in a rectangle or ball shape) from Michaels, make sure it is Oasis Wet Floral Foam, not dry Floral Foam. I fill up a large bucket or bowl with cold water, and then I place the foam in the water. The foam will absorb the water like a sponge, and I let it sit for as long as a day (in a rush, 30 minutes to an hour will do the trick). Once soaked, I take it out, it will be heavy now, and I cut it with a knife to fit whatever container I am using. For the pumpkin, I used part of a rectangle block and placed it right into the pumpkin, and then cut smaller pieces of Floral Foam to fill in the gaps.
Tip 4- Arranging: Here is the fun part! When arranging, I always start from the middle of an arrangement and work my way out. I make the center flower the tallest and then decrease the height as I progress out. As I work on my arrangement, I constantly rotate it to make sure it looks good from every angle, especially if the arrangement is going to be on a table where it is visible from all sides. If you don’t like how a flower looks, the great thing is you can easily pull it out of the Floral Foam and place it somewhere else. I try to put different colored flowers next to each other as this makes the arrangement more vibrant. Near the end of an arrangement, I check to make sure no green Floral Foam is visible, and I usually add a little extra decoration, such as the scarecrow in the picture, or a lemon in the summertime, to put the finishing touch on it!
 Photos by Ryan Kathleen Greene 
[top: Ann Taylor // pants: Ann Taylor // heels: Ivanka Trump (I also love this pair) // hat: H&M (similar here) // purse: Michael Kors (super similar one here) // necklace: R.J. Graziano (I also like this one) // earrings: R.J. Graziano (identical ones here) // watch: Fossil // heart tag charm bracelet: Tiffany & Co. // amethyst bangle: David Yurman

As you can see, Heather is super talented. And yes, it is wonderful having her as a roommate because our apartment is often filled with gorgeous flowers! I've only shared her most recent fall/Thanksgiving designs here, but she creates a variety of arrangements for all occasions. If you like what you see, Heather offers her services to fellow New Yorkers. Email her at heatherjsandler@gmail.com for a unique centerpiece of your own. And trust me you guys, you want a unique centerpiece of your own ;)

Wishing everyone a fabulous Thanksgiving filled with food, family, and of course style. 
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Denim Redefined :: layering + denim dress

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ah denim. What can't it do? Not only do denim pants (aka jeans) totally rock and are a basic staple for everybody ever, but now denim is looking super classy and polished in the form of, well, just about anything! From sleek pencil skirts to modern moto jackets and trench coats, denim has reached an all-time high. My newest denim obsession? An LDD (little denim dress). Welcome to the world of denim, redefined. 
A denim jumper is a redefining piece. To own such a versatile and timeless dress is truly a game changer. This is one of those purchases that effortlessly goes a long way. I mean, look at how versatile it is; the styling possibilities are endless. I can wear this piece during any season either by itself, layered with any type of shirt underneath (collared, long sleeves, sleeveless, etc.), with a blazer over it, layered under a pullover sweater, or even with any type of vest or cardigan. Eventually this baby pays for itself. Get my exact same one here (it's on sale for less than $45!)
For extra coverage and warmth, I styled a sleeveless turtleneck underneath my denim sheath dress. I love how it pokes out, adding interest and dimension to my outfit. I actually had a friend tell me I should hide my turtleneck sleeves by tucking them behind the straps of my dress. Obviously I didn't do that. It may not work for everybody but I love the unconventional, slightly unkempt look of this layering technique; it's real and and of-the-moment. 
You guessed it - more layers! These necklaces look like two peas in a pod but they're actually separate. I decided to layer them because apparently I'm really into that right now and is one ever really enough? ;)
Remember when it was sooo not cool to show your socks? I'm talking back in my middle school days, circa 2004/2007, when revealing socks - no matter what type of shoe you had on - was a big fashion faux pas. I had those super tiny socks for my sneakers and sometimes I would even avoid socks all together - I know, ew. The things we used to do for fashion! However I'm glad that in 2015 it's okay, dare I say cool, to show off your socks. Wearing boots or even sandals with socks makes a stylish and trendy statement!
These Elizabeth Cole studs are not only unique and quite charming, but they're also proudly made in the U.S.A. I love how the pearl disk shines just enough to make them visible from afar. 
Normally I wear a watch and at least one more bracelet. However I didn't want to overcrowd the look since there was already a lot of layering going on. For once I decided to keep my wrists pretty simple and I even chose to keep one completely bare! 
A plum lip instantly adds major fall appeal to any look. I have three purpley shades in my lipstick repertoire but here I decided to go with 'vivid violet' by Smashbox. It contains pink and purple tones, making it universally flattering. For me fall is all about these darker hues! 
[dress: Ann Taylor // sleeveless turtleneck: Ann Taylor // socks: Gap // booties: Sam Edelman // clutch: Ann Taylor // layered necklaces: Ann Taylor // earrings: Elizabeth Cole // gold spike bracelet: Stella & Dot // heart tag bracelet: Tiffany & Co. // eyeshadow: Naked 2 palette // lipstick: Smashbox in 'Vivid Violet'

Denim will always hold a special place in my heart and now it holds (multiple) special places in my closet!