Red Velvet // striped dress + sparkle top + red lips

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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There's nothing like some red hot pieces to ensure your summer starts off on a stylish foot. From deep crimsons to bold burgundies, this is the season to experiment with red and get playful - even if that only means buying a new lipstick!
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nyc street style
Thinking a bit outside the box, I layered this fabulous shimmery top over a striped bodycon dress. This top and I go way back as it's been a longtime favorite since 2011, and I just love it's subtle luxe vibe. But layering it over a dress? That breathes refreshing new life into it! 
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sparkle glitter top
A midi pencil dress like this one is endlessly sophisticated and stylish. Appropriate for any and every occasion, this is most definitely a closet staple. And in black & white, it's just THAT much more versatile. 
summer street style nyc
summer street style
Delicate up top, chunky on the bottom, these block heels are the perfect example of classic meets modern. And in black patent leather, they're also beyond edgy ;)
block heels black
striped pencil skirt
Black sparkle beads, anyone? These guys give any look a certain 1920s flair - costumey, yes; but ALSO totally gorgeous! 
black beaded necklace 20s
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A metallic smokey eye with flecks of silver is ideal for summertime - it's light yet dramatic, and completely date-night worthy. Add a juicy red lip and BAM, talk about a fresh, sexy approach to warm-weather beauty. 
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red lips smokey eye beauty
A bodycon dress, with its slimming silhouette and figure-flattering shape, is ideal for layering. Top yours off with a boxy military jacket or a statement tee like I did.  
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TBH, these photos were taken just over a year ago in the-middle-of-nowhere North Carolina - oops! And the truth is, I loved them so much that I kept saving them for the "perfect" time - any other bloggers know what I'm talking about? And then I finally realized, there's no time like the present, right? 
fashion photography
nyc fashion blog
Photos by Dan Harper 
[dress: Ann Taylor (old but similar here) // top: Ann Taylor (old but I also like this one) // shoes: Zara (old but similar here) // necklace: Ann Taylor (old but I also like this one) // earrings Juicy Couture (similar here) // lipstick: Urban Decay (similar here)] 

Red is endlessly flattering, not to mention sultry AND super fun to wear. Even better, sometimes all it takes is a swipe of red lipstick to give you that extra boost of confidence; easy as 1, 2, 3! 
top layered over dress
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The Bold Shoulder // red bandana + off-the-shoulder top

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

red white and blue outfit
Anyone else feeling festive for Memorial Day weekend? I put together this fun number not necessarily for the holiday, but I figured it'd be as good a time as any to bust it out! Plus, it's chock-full of super current trends that I'm completely obsessed with right now! So let's dive right in, shall we? 
red neck bandana

fashion blogger bandana around neck
Off-the-shoulder tops are EVERYWHERE right now - have you noticed? It's kind of hard not to! The trend is SUPER hot and it's not hard to see why. After all, shoulders are such an underrated body part. Even better, a top like this works around the clock, not to mention has major sex appeal! 
fashion blogger neck bandana
fashion blogger street style
White jeans are a classic spring-to-summer staple. I chose mine in a cropped, high-waisted fit to easily pair with shorter tops while simultaneously showing off my shoes. Super fresh and crisp, they brighten up any look! 
fashion blogger white skinny jeans
fourth 4th of july outfit
Another trend that's inescapable lately - the bandana. All the cool kids are tying them around their necks these days (like this, this, and this). They go perfectly with the bare shoulder trend and let others know that you're down to take fashion risks. 
neck bandana street style
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Flatforms - they're even better than wedges! These fabulous little sandals are comfy AND add height, what else could you ask for? Plus this red suede? So incredibly charming! I also love how they match my neck scarf and lipstick - c'est magnifique (that's French for "awesome"). 
red flatform sandals
nyc spring fashion
I have found my perfect summer bag in this lovely little Rebecca Minkoff top handle. Bonus - it can also be worn cross body! It's difficult to see in these photos, but the purse is actually a light, dusty purple, which I love for summer and find unexpectedly versatile. 
rebecca minkoff miniture bag
off the shoulder trend fashion blogger
To play off this (unintentional) patriotic theme I've got going on, I chose to wear classic, stark white pearls with a twist. These pearl-back studs are such a fun alternative to your typical earring - they definitely make a statement, that's for sure! 
pearl back earrings
nyc spring street style
I centered my makeup around this bold red lip. I love how it ties my whole outfit together and really completes the look. I kept everything else pretty simple - even my nails are a soft, neutral pink.
red bandana style
nyc street style
fashion blogger outfit inspiration
[top: Zara (similar here) // jeans: Loft // sandals: Miz Mooz (I also like this pair) // bandana: boutique (identical one here) // bag: Rebecca Minkoff // earrings: Ann Taylor (similar pair here) // cuff: Ted Baker // amethyst bangle: David Yurman // heart tag bracelet: Tiffany & Co. // lipstick: Urban Decay in "Slowburn"] 

This look is all about the bold - go bold or go home, am I right? From baring your shoulders for all the world to see, to standing out in bright red, and even sporting a bandana around your neck, I'm all about channeling your inner fashion goddess and taking on the summer one trend at a time...or five at a time...nbd. 

How do YOU plan on going bold this season? 
off the shoulder top
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Saying Yes To The Dress // floral dress + sneakers

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

spring street style
Floral dresses are what spring is all about, right? But don't be like every other Betty on the block -- give your floral frock an edge by teaming it with contrasting separates. Think: leather jackets, sneakers, and bright, off-beat bags. You can go ahead and do the whole floral sundress thing, but make sure to do it YOUR way!  
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This dress. Kind of reminds you of your grandmother's shower curtain, am I right? I'm not offended. I actually thought the same thing when I first spotted it. But then something weird happened -- it grew on me. I started to find its quirky, almost vintage feel appealing and charming! And this is the kind of piece that has SO much potential, which is what sold me in the end. Yes, a bright, pink midi dress CAN have endless styling options -- you just have to pick your accessories wisely...
fashion blogger street style
black leather jacket sundress
To avoid looking frumpy and outdated, throw some badass into the mix in the form of a jet black leather jacket. A moto layer is never NOT cool -- no matter what you have on underneath. 
guess black leather jacket
black leather jacket
Go for the unexpected and slip into comfy street shoes instead of a heel or delicate sandal. Sturdy sneakers like these really help ground such a light, feminine dress. 
adidas superstar sneakers
nyc spring street style
A bold dose of color is the perfect way to inject some energy into your ensemble. 
cobalt blue kate spade purse
nyc street style
Classic Ray Bans have the magical ability of transforming any look into a winner. From girly sundresses to acid-wash jeans, these sunnies are a no-fail accessory to any statement piece. 
ray ban sunglasses
black leather jacket street style
Neon nails, spiky bracelets, leather cuffs -- it's all in the details. An eclectic outfit like this truly shines when each item is worn with true authenticity.
silver spike bracelet
blogger beauty spring
This vintage necklace from Tiffany's is near and dear to my heart as my mom rescued it, had it refurbished, and packaged it just for me. She surprised me with the final product days before my college graduation. I LOVE the silk rope the pendent hangs from, and how it instantly adds a subtle edge to my outfit. 
vintage tiffany necklace
pink ann taylor sundress leather jacket
This matte lipstick from Urban Decay is a new favorite. And although it's not yet available in stores, it will be soon and I highly recommend giving it a whirl. It's called "Backtalk" and it makes your lips look like your lips...but better! 
urban decay matte lipstick
blowing bubbles
Who would have thought that a dress so ugly it's pretty could actually look pretty hip ( people still say "hip" these days?) just by adding a totally random yet totally brilliant combination of quirky and bold pieces? I love how leather, cobalt blue, sneakers, and black jewelry all help transform this grandmotherly frock into something TOTALLY street style worthy. 
adidas sneakers street style
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Photos by Brooke Faison 
[dress: Ann Taylor // jacket: Guess (similar here) // sneakers: Adidas // sunglasses: Ray Ban // purse: Kate Spade (similar here) // necklace: vintage Tiffany & Co. (I also like this one) // watch: Daniel Wellington // black leather cuff: Michael Dawkins (I also like this one) // spike bracelet: Stella & Dot // amethyst bangle: David Yurman // lipstick: Urban Decay (not available in stores, but this is a similar shade)]

I'm telling you, sometimes you just gotta say yes to the dress. My friends were shocked when I declared my love for this piece -- some even tried to talk me out of it. But hey, I like a challenge. And I was going to prove to them that I could make this dress look young, fresh, and totally fashionable! So what do you think? Mission accomplished? 

If you're not convinced yet, just wait until you see the other looks I came up with for this dress -- coming to you this summer ;) 
sundress with sneakers
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