Take Flare // cream neck-tie blouse + flared jeans

Thursday, April 21, 2016

ann taylor fashion blogger
When it comes to trying new trends, I'm all about saying "yes!" Crazy wild prints? Totally! High-waisted jeans? Count me in! Menswear-inspired blouses? Duh! Which is what brings me to this look. And while there's no loud print here, I DID step out of my immediate comfort zone when I sprung for these flared jeans and tied a long piece of fabric around my neck. Here's what I discovered in the process: 
spring fashion nyc
new york spring fashion
This top is pretty fabulous, right? I already have about a hundred looks planned with it, but what I REALLY love about it, is this neck tie it came with. The piece is detachable and thus can be worn (or not worn) in so many different ways. Here I separated the tie and simply tied it around my neck like a piece of jewelry. Sound kind of weird? Trust me, it's what all the cool kids are doing. I'm kind of digging it.  
neck scarves street style
nyc street style
Ah! I'm wearing flared jeans. Yes, I am just as surprised as some of you may be right now. I definitely thought I left my flares behind in 2007. But honestly, although I love my skinnies, flared jeans ARE super flattering so I just had to embrace them with open arms when they recently became cool again. Plus, this Ann Taylor pair is beyond sophisticated and chic. They're more like denim trousers (aka totally office-approved). 
ann taylor flare jeans
nyc spring fashion
Rejoice! We can finally wear open-toed heels again. It's about time I let my tootsies breathe a little. These ankle strap heels are not only timeless and extremely versatile (I have them in nude too because I'm that obsessed), but they're also - gasp - comfortable! Thanks to this genius block heel, I feel like I could walk blocks in them...and I have ;)
fashion blogger style
flare jeans
A good hat is hard to find. But when you find one, snatch it up! That's what I did with this beauty back in January 2015 when I found it in Anthropologie. You better believe I haven't looked back since. I've worn it in all seasons and it just seems to make my bad hair days infinitely better. 
kathleen harper
ann taylor neck tie blouse
Sometimes a simple black clutch is all you need. And although I'm not usually a simple person, this bag does the trick for me time and time again when I don't want to take away from my outfit yet I want a place to stash my (many) lip glosses. 
ann taylor clutch
spring street style
How fun are these bubbly earrings? Statement studs are kind of my thing and I LOVE having a delicate yet attention-grabbing pair like this in my collection. I mean, you know me, I'm always one for standing out! 
statement pearl earrings
cream neck tie blouse
In my last post I mentioned my recent obsession with matte lipsticks and glosses due to our friend Kylie Jenner. Well this time around, instead of sporting a NUDE matte shade, I decided to go for something a bit more dramatic. Milk Makeup (which can be found at Sephora) is absolutely amazing, and their demi-matte lip pencils are incredibly easy to apply PLUS they last all day -- total score! 
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kat's fashion fix
 Although it was totally unintentional, I feel like this look has a Western vibe to it. Maybe it's the hat, or the tie around my neck -- heck maybe it's my jeans! But the combination of the three definitely makes me feel a bit wilder, in the Western sense of course. And although I'm very much a city gal, it was fun sporting a different look for the day! 
ann taylor fashion
spring beauty red matte lips
[blouse: Ann Taylor // jeans: Ann Taylor // heels: Ann Taylor // hat: Anthropologie (I also like this one) // earrings: gift (I also like this pair) // clutch: Ann Taylor (similar here) // watch: Daniel Wellington // heart tag bracelet: Tiffany & Co. // lipstick: "Dip Out" by Milk Makeup]

I wore this number out to brunch with a friend on the Upper Eastside (aka my neighborhood). Unfortunately it was pretty chilly this day so I sadly had to cover up my ensemble for most of the day with a long black coat. But hey, at least I got some cute snaps in! Pictures or it didn't happen, right? ;) 
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Weekend Vibes // crop top + high waisted jeans + sneakers

Thursday, April 14, 2016

sneaker fashion
My ultimate weekend look is comfortable, chic (duh), and versatile - something that can be worn at various times of day for long periods of time. That criteria led me to style THIS fabulous look! Yes it's casual, but that doesn't mean it's one dimensional. In fact, this outfit is a favorite of mine because it's informal yet packs a major style punch. 
kathleen harper
green anorak spring jacket
Ah, this crop top. Let's just take a moment to think fondly of the most versatile, easy-to-wear pieces in our closets. For me, this piece is exactly that. So much so actually that I even own it in two other colors. This piece is amazing and literally goes with EVERYTHING! I knew it was the perfect top to help me pull off an offbeat, super trendy look. 
nude sleeveless crop top
nude matte lipgloss
I've showcased these jeans on my blog before but there's nothing like teaming them with a game-changing crop top. I mean, just look at those shiny buttons - they're BEGGING to be seen! 
fall street style
crop top jeans
This olive green utility jacket is the ultimate spring cover up. I even love throwing it on over sundresses for a kicked-back, cool vibe. Here, it ties my look together and acts as the focal point of my outfit. Better yet, it has amazing pockets that - gasp - actually can hold stuff!  
nyc fall street style
fall makeup nude lipstick
I'm totally turning into a sneakers girl! These Nike kicks are unbelievably comfortable, which automatically made me start questioning why I've never rocked these ultra-sporty shoes before. Heck, I'm going to start wearing these babies with everything - no other shoe will ever compare comfort wise. Plus, in chic black & white they truly blend well with just about any outfit. 
black nike running shoes
nyc spring fashion
Black pearls are the ultimate edgy alternative to classic white. I love how these also pick up the shades of green in my coat and reflect that hue - it makes them look almost magical! 
black pearl studs
fall makeup beauty
For an understated yet impactful look, I opt for layering chains. This technique adds interest without dominating the rest of your look. 
nyc fashion
olive green jacket
I blended rose gold, black, and silver jewelry pieces here for a unique spin on arm-candy piling. 
high waisted jeans
nyc street style
Inspired by Kylie Jenner's lip kits, I decided to give nude, matte lip gloss a spin. And honestly, I love it! I found this particular shade super flattering and totally easy to apply and maintain. While I normally opt for bright, bold lips, I'm definitely on a nude kick now - thanks Kylie ;) 
nude crop top
nude matte lipstick kylie jenner
Speaking of Kylie Jenner, she did more than just inspire my choice of lipstick. She was also my muse for this entire outfit. And while you won't see Kyles rocking this exact look probably ever, I took her love of high-waisted anything, neutral colors, crop tops, and athleisure to create a look that worked for ME. And that, my friends, is the beauty of fashion. Don't you just love feeling inspired?!
new york fashion
fall spring makeup
kat's fashion fix
[crop top: Ann Taylor // jeans: STS Blue via Nordstrom // jacket: Loft (I also like this one) // sneakers: Nike // silver chains: fine jewelry (similar look here) // black pearl studs: fine jewelry (cheaper option here) // watch: Fossil // amethyst bangle: David Yurman // leather cuff: Michael Dawkins // heart tag bracelet: Tiffany & Co. // eyeshadow: Innerstellar palette by Kat Von D // lipstick: Sephora matte lipgloss in Fig Luster

I had so much fun wearing this look a few weekends back as I ran some errands, enjoyed time at the park with my roommates, and attended a Broadway show. Yes, I wore sneakers to Broadway - they still let me in the door, it was fine! But that only goes to show just how far a "casual" look can take you if you pull it off with poise and polish. 
nyc fall fashion

Shop // Current Favorites

Friday, April 8, 2016



Here are a few of the lovely things I've had my eye on recently. From sneakers and heels, to gingham and neon, these spring essentials will effortlessly add polish to any look. But best of all? They're guaranteed to earn you a double take and a "Ohhh where did you GET that?!" at the water cooler - you can thank me later ;) 

Shifting Into Spring :: green leather skirt + striped crop sweater

Monday, April 4, 2016

nyc street style
Even though the calendar says it's spring, I'm afraid Mother Nature hasn't completely gotten the memo. Here in New York we've gone from 70 degree days to 39 degree days - all in one week. So yes, dealing with these fickle temps is frustrating to say the least. But with the right wardrobe choices, those temps can easily be mastered! Here's how to effortlessly transition into spring...even if the weather is anything BUT cooperative. 
waterfall braid beauty
spring fashion nyc
Leather is certainly not just for fall and winter. In a fresh emerald green, this luxe material is incredibly appropriate for warmer, sunnier days. Wear this beauty sans tights for an updated, wear-now vibe. Afraid your bare legs might get chilly at night? Leather is a pro at shielding the wind due to it's durable, thick, material - it's got you covered, literally!
leather skirt spring fall
leather pencil skirt
A cropped sweater is a happy medium between t-shirt and tunic for those in-between days where it's not hot yet not cold. Pick a piece in a bold, basic print to create major impact against a solid colored bottom. This striped version from Ann Taylor is my absolute favorite - it pairs perfectly with all my high-waisted skirts. 
green leather skirt with crop top
bold black and white sweater
 Try layering your jewelry to give older pieces a new look. Here I combined a black, beaded necklace with a plain, silver chain. I love how mixing these two styles mimics the stripes on my sweater. Layering is a sure-fire way to freshen up ANY outfit. 
black and white stripped sweater
layered beaded necklaces
Similar to my necklaces, my earrings emulate the black & white stripes on my top. These John Hardy studs are so spectacular though, they look amazing no matter WHAT I'm wearing! 
john hardy earrings
spring street style
Silver piles of arm candy always look chic and polished. Throw in a leather cuff to add texture and dimension to your daily collection. 
metallic watch
kathleen harper
 When Chelsea boots are too casual and pumps are too stiff, I turn to my heeled, calf-hair booties to add edge and sophistication to my look. I love the two-tone texture these boots boast, it definitely gives them an extra special something! 
black calf hair booties
nyc spring fashion
One of my favorite lipsticks ever is one that I actually picked up in a drugstore. It's the shade I'm wearing here - Iced Amethyst by Revlon. Its shimmery, berry hue is beyond flattering and I love how it stays fresh all day. I teamed this rich lip with matte brown eyeshadow for an effortless daytime look. 
spring beauty tutorial
eyeshadow tutorial
striped crop sweater
Photos by Dan Harper
[skirt: Ann Taylor (I also like this one) // sweater: Ann Taylor (similar here) // booties: Ann Taylor (I also like this pair) // black beaded necklace: Ann Taylor (I also like this one) // silver necklace: fine jewelry (I also like this one) // earrings: John Hardy (similar here) // watch: Marc Jacobs // silver spike bracelet: Stella & Dot // amethyst bangle: David Yurman // black leather cuff: Michael Dawkins (I also like this one) // lipstick: Revlon in Iced Amethyst // eyeshadow: Naked 2 palette

This is such a great look for work OR play, which is why I love it so much! The leather skirt gives this outfit a major edge, which even makes it perfect for happy hour. And while I'd love to be rocking floral dresses and metallic sandals right now, it's unfortunately not warm enough for that kind of attire yet. But I find an outfit like this to be a happy compromise of cold AND warm weather pieces. Early spring problems = officially solved! 
nyc fashion week