What Do You Think? :: harem pants

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Harem pants (or MC Hammer pants as my boyfriend likes to call them) are undeniably comfortable. But are they stylish and flattering enough to seriously wear in public? 
Harem pants don't have to be just for fashion risk-takers. A solid black pair worn with a blazer and pumps looks just as polished as a sleek pair of trousers, but you'll feel 100% more relaxed and comfy. Plus, harem pants at work are effortlessly modern and incredibly fashion-forward. 
The skinny, cinched ankle is what makes harem pants more publicly acceptable than pj bottoms. It also allows freedom with your shoe choice and ensures that boots, flats, and heels all look flawless. And it's a tight ankle that will prevent the whole 70s flare look that some of us dread. 
Although these pants can double as pjs, you obviously don't want anyone to think you lazily rolled out of bed in the morning and forgot to put on "real" pants. Heels and jewelry will make it known that you wore these incredibly stylish sweatpants on purpose. 
The wild print of these pants speaks for itself so I didn't want to pollute this look with too many loud accessories. I kept the rest of my look simple and minimal with the exception of this neon pink necklace. A small statement necklace proved to give me the right impact. 
Photos by Dan Harper 
[top: American Apparel, harem pants: Cotton On, heels: Sofft, necklace: Ann Taylor, watch: Coach, spike bracelet: Stella & Dot, silver bangle: Ann Taylor, earrings: fine jewelry]

When I first bought these pants I didn't necessarily plan on wearing them out of my house, after all, I picked them up in the pajama department of Cotton On in Santa Monica. But since last summer the baggy trouser trend has really taken off and I decided to give these babies a stroll around the block.

Harem pants are trendy, cozy, relaxed, and easy. They're the most stylish pair of sweats you'll ever own and you can confidently wear them in public. Yes, they may look a little outrageous at first but the pros completely outweigh the cons. What do you think? Are harem pants a yay or a nay? 

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#Basic Fall :: dress + crop top

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Happy fall everyone! I'm celebrating the season in this multicolored dress layered beneath a crop top. Pretty soon the leaves will be (almost) as colorful as my ensemble. Are you excited? Because I know I am!  
Kindly ignore my lobster skin tone. Like I said, it may be officially fall but down here in the South it's still warm and sunny. Let's just say I've been hanging out at my university's outdoor pool a little too much. 
I haven't worn these heels in a while - I've been on a booties kick lately - but now that our warm days are numbered I'm trying to get the most out of my open-toed shoes. And what better way to add rockstar edge to a feminine skirt than with ankle-strap, studded heels? 
I love the artsy shape and subtle color of this thin cuff. It looks dressy and modern all at the same time. 
Simple earrings and a light colored necklace bring out the bold colors in this dress and lets them take center stage. 
A full skirt gives you a flirty vibe with ladylike charm.  
Photos by Dan Harper 
[dress: Akira, top: American Apparel, heels: Target, necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane, earrings: fine jewelry, watch: Coach, cuff: gift, bangle: Alex & Ani]

Although it doesn't quite feel like it here in North Carolina, it is officially autumn!  Pardon me for being #basic but I'm going to be real honest, fall is one of my favorite seasons because it means three things: oversized sweaters, pumpkin flavored everything, and rainbow leaves. Don't worry, I'm not about to say Ugg boots. 

But seriously, fall is a magical season, fashion-wise and otherwise, and although I'll miss those long summer nights and hot summer days I know fall will bring, quite literally, a breath of fresh air and many cute outfits (preferably consisting of sweaters and leggings...just kidding...kind of). It's hard not to be basic when fall is such a lovable season. 

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Don't Be Boring :: lace + high-low

Friday, September 19, 2014

Black and white is classic and unarguably chic. The combination exudes power and class but that doesn't mean it has to be stuffy or dull. Choose luxe jewelry, statement pieces, and bright accessories to personalize your favorite neutral items. 
This skirt is one of those pieces that I wish I could wear every day. I find the cut very flattering and it looks great with a wide variety of tops. I also love the way it dances in the wind - I can't help but twirl! 
I've recently discovered a new appreciation for neutral-colored clothing. Whereas I used to think black and white items were boring, I now see them as some of the most valuable players in my wardrobe. Not only do I get tons of use out of them but no matter what a black skirt or a white top is paired with you'll always look put-together. That was my inspiration for this look. I combined neutral items with eye-catching jewelry and made it all pop with bold sandals.
Instead of wearing a cami underneath this semi-sheer, lace top I went with a black bandeau to create more of a dramatic and modern look. Crop tops are huge right now but if you're not completely comfortable with baring your mid-drift, then try layering one under a lace top for a coy approach to a fresh trend. 
Photos by Dan Harper 
[top: Zara, bandeau: Mary Catherine's Boutique, skirt: Forever21, sandals: Miz Mooz, necklace: Francesca's, earrings: Anthropologie, black & gold bracelets: Ann Taylor, gold bracelet: Marc Jacobs]

Gap's latest ads are telling the people of the world to "dress normal." This campaign is a strange one to me because who wants to look like everyone else? To me, and I think to a lot of you, fashion is about individualism and standing out. So guys, please don't dress "normal." Be your loud, crazy, and creative selves and please, for the love of fashion, do NOT dress boring! Even a simple black and beige outfit can be made original and fierce - all you need is your own personal touch (and of course some killer shoes). 


Miami Vice :: floral slip dress

Monday, September 15, 2014

The slip dress is fashion's latest style crush. Its sexy versatility and effortless allure take this flirty nightgown from dreamland to nightclub.
Pair with a sparkle clutch and blazer for an enviable fall look. 
A slip dress allows you to have that nightgown effect coupled with a city chic vibe that's very sexy and sweet at the same time. Opt for a body-grazing, silky material that's sure to flatter.
Edgy booties, rather than strappy heels, give this slip dress a rock 'n' roll vibe, which is deliciously on point for fall. 
A blazer is the easiest way to add instant sophistication to your favorite looks. Bold colors are super fun during the day but I love black in the evening, the dark hue makes a major statement. 
Rose gold chains are subtle and feminine so layer them on in pairs! The metal looks best paired with pinks and neutrals.
Add a quietly luxurious accent to your look with a gold and lucite cuff. This bracelet is elegant yet edgy. 
Photos by Dan Harper
[dress: Forever21, blazer: LC for Kohl's, booties: H&M, necklaces: Heidi Klum, clutch: Coach, earrings: fine jewelry, watch: Fossil, cuff: Loft]

Disclaimer: I've never actually been to Miami before. But the energy associated with the "Magic City," is so nightlife-centeric and explosive that I'm dying to experience it firsthand. This sultry slip dress seems to capture that Miami mood perfectly and this is totally something I'd wear to a nightclub there.

Both sexy and simple, a curve-skimming little slip of a nothing dress can be worn alone during those scorching summer nights or as a layering piece paired with a jacket or blazer. Slip dresses allow lots of room for creativity without skimping on the hot factor...how very Miami!