Easy Street // Khaki Shirtdress + Black Platform Sandals

Friday, October 2, 2020

Fashion blogger Kathleen Harper doing a rural photo shoot in the cornfields of Illinois.
I'm coming at ya with a neutral and universally flattering look. To be honest, I wore this outfit back in August,  but it definitely still holds up in early October — weather pending! Today, I'd pair it with brown (or black) lace-up combat boots and a leather crossbody. 
Fashion blogger Kathleen Harper's fall outfit idea with a khaki shirtdress.
Fashion blogger Kathleen Harper wearing a khaki button-down trench dress.
Fashion blogger Kathleen Harper doing a midwestern photo shoot in the middle of nowhere in Illinois.
My sister shot all of these photos during a summer day of adventuring with our dad. We drove to Freeport, IL and explored the small towns and rural roads along the way. Part of our mission was to complete The Goodwill IG Challenge

The day before, I had gone to Goodwill with my mom and picked up a few random objects — Part I of the challenge complete! Part II? Execute a photo shoot incorporating those objects. This is what we came up with:
Fashion blogger Kathleen Harper having a picnic in the forest for her cottagecore aesthetic.
Fashion blogger Kathleen Harper's picnic in the woods cottagecore pics.
From Goodwill, I ended up buying two teacups, a framed illustration of a flower, a green vase, and a picnic basket. It was my dad's idea to hang the picture on the tree, which turned out to be my favorite part of our photos!
Fashion blogger Kathleen Harper doing an outdoor photo shoot at a bus stop in fall 2020.
Fashion blogger Kathleen Harper posing as a young stylish woman waiting for the bus in a photo shoot.
Fashion blogger Kathleen Harper wearing a khaki button-down shirtdress for fall 2020.
A khaki, button-down shirtdress like this one is so versatile. The beige color is seasonless and it can even be turned into a top (worn partly unbuttoned from the bottom with pants) or a jacket (worn all the way unbuttoned).  
Fashion blogger Kathleen Harper posing in a diner during a photo shoot with milkshake and fries.

[dress: Who What Wear via Target // shoes: Nasty Gal // purse: Poolside // sunglasses: Anthropologie // earrings: Banana Republic // face mask: Anthropologie]

Just as I signed off my last post, I'm leaving you with a milkshake and fry pic. Go treat yourself!


  1. I love this - great photos! A cute neutral dress :)
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  2. cute outfit, nice pics!

    ty for sharing 😊
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