Holiday Glam Party // sequin outfit + strappy flats

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

holiday fashion pics
Become a mastermind of modern evening wear by showing up to your next fete in head-to-toe sequins. And while I'm not quite sure what a "glam" party is, let it be your excuse to don some major sparkle! The holidays are, after all, the perfect time for all things shiny and bright - including your wardrobe. 
holiday sequin outfit pics
holiday party looks pics
This navy sequin top is a dream (and it's on sale). Even better, I can picture myself wearing it time and time again with high-waisted pants, a plain black skirt, even boyfriend jeans and a chic heel. But paired with a matching skirt, this piece instantly feels luxurious and special. You go, Queen! 
ann taylor holiday fashion pics
holiday fashion nyc pics
Ah, the matching skirt; this look would not be complete without it. It truly transforms my outfit into a contemporary black-tie look, which is JUST what I was going for. Sequins, meet more sequins. 
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ann taylor navy sparkle outfit
These shoes have it all. Pointed-toe: check, velvet texture: check, multiple straps: check, extreme comfort: check. You get the idea. These are a must-have for the holiday season as well as into the spring. What I love is that they're equally as stylish as a heel, but a million times more comfortable - securing your spot on the dance floor ALL night long! 
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I know I sound like a broken record, but leopard is THE most fashionable neutral a girl can own. I pair this printed clutch with everything, and it always adds glamour and sophistication. When you rock leopard, it looks like you tried harder than you really did, which is key. 
michael kors leopard clutch
sequin outfit pics
I've got a little dangle-earring action going on, which is slightly rare for me, but I break these favorites out when I'm wearing something extra special. Over the holidays, that's quite often! They always seem to give my outfits that extra pop I never knew I needed. 
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ann taylor navy sparkle top
A sultry red lip is perfect for this type of glam party look. Instead of choosing a cherry red, I opted for a richer, more oxbloody shade of red, which is super sophisticated and always a showstopper. I can't think of a skin tone this shade wouldn't look amazing on! As for my lids, I chose a light, silvery eyeshadow by Lancome. It has just enough shimmer to elegantly reflect the light, I'm kind of obsessed. 
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Sequins have a tendency to look and feel cheap, but Ann Taylor did a great job with these two pieces to ensure that you feel just as luxe as you look! And boy do I feel fancy dancy when wearing this outfit. There's no question this skirt-and-top combo is a power pairing - these beautiful sequins will make you unstoppable at any party. 
christmas nyc pics
holiday fashion nyc pics
Dressing for the holidays is all about standing out, right? It's about putting your best-dressed foot forward and letting yourself get all glammed up just for fun! That's why I love going all out in brilliant, look-at-me outfits that MIGHT be considered too over-the-top on a regular day. But hey, I mean, I'll confidently rock sequins any day of the week...but maybe that's just me?
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 Photos by Antonio Owens 
[top: Ann Taylor // skirt: Ann Taylor // shoes: Ann Taylor // clutch: Michael Kors (similar here) // earrings: Ann Taylor (old, but I also like this pair) // heart tag bracelet: Tiffany & Co. // amethyst bangle: David Yurman // lipstick: Kylie Cosmetics Koko Collection "Gorg" (similar here) // eyeshadow: Lancome in "Blanc Scintillant"]

These festive photos were taken outside the Plaza Hotel in NYC. And while all of New York is completely decked out for the holidays, there's just something so classic and stunning about the Plaza. I knew its twinkling lights would be the perfect backdrop to my own twinkling ensemble. 

After my BF and I snapped these pics, we headed to brunch in midtown at The Upsider - one of my favorite spots! If you ever go, and I highly recommend that you do, definitely order the French toast - it's like nothing you've ever had before. 
plaza hotel christmas pics
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  1. Girl, you look amazing! Adore your look! It's sophisticated and chic and totally on point for the holidays. Your clutch is perfect to add a fun touch to the entire outfit.

    Have a great rest of the week!


  2. You look great! Love your dress!

  3. Nice outfit indeed. I like your each photos dear. This navy sequin top is great and I like that matching skirt, purse, earrings, and you shoes a lot.

  4. Lovely and stunning outfit! And the makeup is so on point! Beautiful dress!

    Hugs, Mary

  5. The holiday season for sure is not complete without a sequin garment in your wardrobe! I love the two piece you are wearing, especially because it can be worn together and apart!
    Such beautiful photos, the surroundings looked so Christmasy :) And loved your makeup!