At-Home Comfies // Loungewear I'm Loving

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Nyc fashion blogger Kathleen Harper's work-from-home outfit idea.
Something that's been made abundantly clear to me since self-isolation has begun, is just how little "at home" clothing options I own. I've always wanted to be the girl with cute loungewear; who looks effortlessly cool while just chilling at home. But tbh, I've never thought the investment was worth it — until now. Now, it is VERY worth it.
Nyc fashion blogger Kathleen Harper wearing a comfy outfit for home.
Nyc fashion blogger Kathleen Harper wearing cute loungewear in spring 2020.
Nyc fashion blogger Kathleen Harper showing how to look cute while working from home.
These days, getting dressed is kinda major. It's one of the few joys and few acts of normalcy we can still engage in. Slipping into something that's not only comfortable but that makes us FEEL good, is priceless. For me, looking put-together, even when I'm slumming it at home, has made me feel like life isn't so topsy-turvy. 
Nyc fashion blogger Kathleen Harper wearing cute PJs.
Nyc fashion blogger Kathleen Harper wearing a white cropped tee and sporty shorts.
Nyc fashion blogger Kathleen Harper wearing stylish loungewear.
I'll be honest, most days I've just been wearing an old t-shirt and a pair of college sweatpants (that's pretty much all I own in terms of loungewear). But when I do make more of an effort, I feel the difference. 

I bought these shorts just over a year ago and I bought this top much later this past August. At the time, I didn't think I NEEDED these shorts, so it felt like a splurge. And the top, I planned on wearing as a regular "outside" top. Self isolation has been teaching me to get more creative though, and I became ecstatic when I realized I could pair them together for a cute "at home" look that I'm not embarrassed to be photographed in (lol).
Nyc fashion blogger Kathleen Harper's cute PJs you can wear all day.
Nyc fashion blogger Kathleen Harper's home photo shoot.
[tee: TNA via Aritzia // shorts: TNA via Aritzia but almost sold out (similar pair here) // scrunchies: Wunderkin & Co. (similar here)]

This was somewhat of a spontaneous photo shoot (if you can even call it that!) I was excited to share this lounge outfit — because holy crap I actually discovered I have an acceptable one — and I just wanted to shoot it quickly for IG. But Antonio and I got a bit carried away. I have to admit, it felt amazing to shoot some photos again :)

Annnd, I just ordered a loungewear haul from Aerie, SO prepare to see some more stylish, comfy looks suitable for all of your self-isolation needs. In the meantime, check out some other lounge pieces I'm currently coveting...



  1. That is such a cute and comfortable outfit! I have been living in band t-shirts and baggy sweatpants but I should probably step up my style game a little bit moving forward! Thanks for the inspiration!
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