Where Brooklyn At? :: pulling off daytime metallics

Friday, June 27, 2014

Sporting a metallic, typically nighttime dress in broad daylight, I hiked across the Brooklyn Bridge in style. Proving that shiny & sparkly can work just as easily during the day as it does once the sun goes down.
The key to making metallics work during the day is layering them with daytime accessories such as this denim vest. You can't get much more afternoon appropriate than light wash denim, and in this case, it balances out the extreme shine of the dress creating a casual yet alluring vibe. 
White is a great color for day because it brightens up your entire look. Incorporate it into your outfit as much as possible. Try and stay away from black if you're trying to conceal the fact that you're wearing evening attire. 
Wearing nightwear during the day can get tricky, so make sure to use footwear to your advantage. Sneakers ground a flashy look while adding a dimension of casualness to an otherwise nightclub-esque ensemble. 
Lucite jewelry is a fabulous choice for day or night and therefore easily transitions into any type of look. I especially love this piece for day though because of its fresh, white accents. 
Throw some bright colors into the mix via bracelets and nail color. 
Wearing mettalics during the day is definitely achievable and even quite fashion forward if you make the rest of your ensemble casual and daytime oriented. All you have to do is swap your vest for a leather jacket and your sneakers for some strappy black stilettos once dusk rolls around and you'll be well on your way to enjoying some chic cocktails. 
Photos by Brooke Faison 
[dress: Urban Outfitters, vest: Gap, sneakers: Converse All Star, necklace: Nordstrom, watch: Fossil, pink bangle: Ann Taylor, spiky silver bracelet: Stella & Dot]

Living in New York City this summer has been incredibly energizing and magical. So far I've experienced living in LA as well as NYC and I'm so thankful for the opportunities and the internships I've had in both iconic cities. Although LA is incredible, I'm definitely moving back to The Big Apple after graduation in May. 

This summer I'm interning at the Daily Front Row, which is the official magazine of New York Fashion Week. I've gotten to do some pretty amazing things such as interviewing stars on the red carpet, attending exclusive nightclub parties, interviewing designers, speaking with editors, and listening to Michael Kors speak at Hearst Tower. I've had multiple pieces published online at Fashionweekdaily.com, and I'm making some amazing connections. 

My weekends are filled with exploration, dining out, and getting lost in Central Park. This past Saturday my friends and I decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and investigate some Brooklyn hotspots on the other side. 

Stay tuned to hear about more of my NYC adventures! 

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  1. Wonderful pics, nice place. Like the look ideal for day and as you say too can wear for the night with different complements. Have a nice weekend Kat!


  2. oh this dress is adorable!:) lovely photos!♥


  3. Love the metallic dress and the way you're toning it down with a denim vest and those cute sneakers! Hope you're enjoying NYC! The view here looks amazing!

    Have a great day!
    Chic Nikkie

  4. So beautiful.love the dress.
    You look super stunning
    Have a great weekend

  5. It's amazing how accessorizing can totally change up an outfit! You look great!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  6. love this pictures girl you look stunning! lots of love x

  7. The dress is so cute and you look amazing :)


  8. The dress is so pretty and love the way you styled it ..so edgy and Congrats on the new job sounds like a great opportunity for you in the fashion world..Good Luck beautiful ! xoxox
    Please do Subscribe to my New You Tube Channel,thanks !

    Feisty Fox Diaries

  9. I really like this dress with a denim vest! Looking beautiful as always!


  10. I love how a denim vest can dress down anything, even a fabulous metallic dress, and make it perfect for daytime!


  11. Love the denim vest with this dress and the sneakers. You are adorable!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. I love your sporty chic combo!!!!!
    Ciao bellissima!!!!

    My Facebook

  13. Love this look, cute dress! :)
    Really like your blog, I'm your newest follower! :)


  14. What a gorgeous post! I LOVE the location, so perfect for your look! :)


  15. So awesome, so glad you are enjoying our fair city and that sounds like a great internship so many aren't so kudos to you!!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  16. Cute look! Loving the daytime sparkle!


  17. Amazing outfit and this location is so beautiful. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa <333

  18. Lovely weather! And that's a wise move! Denim is my secret weapon too. I feel like it can fix any outfit.

  19. Love that dress, you look absolutely stunning!

  20. Gorgeous backdrop for your pictures! Glad you are having fun in NYC and your dress is stunning... Putting a denim vest is perfect day trick

    Happy Medley Blog

  21. I am truly happy for you Kat. You are spreading your wings big time and what better places but LA and NYC. Wow, you are going to do a lot fine and don't forget your petite friend from the neighborhood, lol. You are so right on. Metallics are great for daytime too and I love that you tone it down with a more casual look which is so appropriate.


  22. So amazing photos sweeties.
    I love your outfit, the dress is lovely
    The Indian Savage diary

  23. I would never have though to pair metallics with denim. It looks fabulous together!

  24. Kat you are so lucky to live in NYC , the pics are beautiful !

    Kisses from Paris !

    Emily from Pretty Tiny Things

  25. Wow Kat that dress looks to die for and I love how you styled it. I would have never guessed metallics work for the day but you proved me wrong. Perfect cool and chic look. So glad you love it in NYC :D

    xx Mira


  26. Those photographs are absolutely amazing and so vivid, I love each of them. The outfit is also very pretty and chic, you look terrific in that shunning dress:)
    Have a great day!

  27. Loving the daytime metallic. Also congrats on the internship .. sounds like it is such a good experience for you and you are making a lot of connections - good for you girl! xo

  28. I love how you mixed up your look! Congrats on the internship :)

    Fishbowl Fashion

  29. you are so cute, love the sneakers with the dress

  30. You are so pretty! & I love the dress and the denim vest makes the whole outfit look great :)

  31. You look fabulous! !!! I just love New York! !

  32. Gorgeous photos girl, love the location as well. You were looking amazing!


  33. I like how you pulled of this metallic dress for daytime. Then, jacket off and heels on and you're ready for a night out :) Huge congrats on your internship. It sounds amazing! Every new experience is a good experience, I say ;) Hope you'll have fun and learn lot of new & cool things :) xx Maja

  34. Beautiful! Wonderful place to shoot! ❤️


  35. Thanks for hopping by. :) Totally love the bracelet stack here with the accessories. And that lighting is so beautiful! I love how God creates things to bring such awe! <3


  36. Pretty dress, I like how you styled it with sneakers and a denim vest to keep it casual. What a great experience for you to be interning - I am very happy and excited for you!

    House of Illusions