Feeling Artsy :: polka dots + Chicago

Friday, January 8, 2016

Now that it's finally starting to feel like winter (ugh), I've had to make a few adjustments to my daily wardrobe - no more skating by in a light jacket! I'm talking lots of layers, chunky knits, and something to keep my ears toasty. For this post I put together a polished outfit sprinkled with quirky twists - and it totally works for January temps!
In case you couldn't tell, I switched up the scenery a bit for these photos. I was home for a week over the holidays, which means I flew out of New York City and into the fabulous city of Chicago - isn't she a beauty? My dad and I took these lakeside photos on a brisk day when the wind was swirling and whirling. But hey, anything to properly capture that iconic skyline, am I right? 
Okay, let me apologize for lacking a bit in the creativity department. I know my last post was super similar (aka I wore the same blazer and pretty much identical pants) BUT in my defense, suits are totally my thing right now (they make me feel powerful, okay?) and I definitely styled this one differently from last time. The takeaway? Wear a suit. You can style it in so many original, fun ways! And take it from me, they never get old.  
The quirky touches and unexpected details are what makes this suit combo fun and not stiff. Take polka dots for example - très chic and très NOT boring. Imagine if this button-up was plain white, it'd be fine but fashion is not about being just fine. These polka dots take my look to a whole other dimension - they add style
A hat is one of winter's greatest accessories. I've more than doubled my collection in the past year (oops), but I'm not apologizing because hats are one of those fashion pieces that are necessary AND completely stylish and fun! It's that time of year when throwing on a beanie is super cool, it doesn't even matter what you're wearing (I'd sport this baby with a ballgown and you better believe I'd rock it)! 
These. Shoes. Cue my ecstatic tears of joy! Am I being dramatic? No of course not! When you encounter an amazing pair of shoes that is so overwhelmingly YOU, there's nothing to do but shout it from the rooftops while crying tears of happiness - and of course wear the living daylights out of them. 
This bracelet is a new favorite of mine. It's a Ted Baker piece that my mom picked out and I'm kind of obsessed with its minimalist appearance and sleek design. Plus, cuffs like this are all the rage now! 
 After these photos were taken, my family and I went to The Art Institute of Chicago. We're members there and my sister is obsessed with art so it's always a go-to spot for us. My dad is behind the lens like usual but pictured below is my mom, my younger sister Sarah, my older brother Danny, and my brother-from-another-mother Tony.
The Art Institute has got to be my sister's happy place. She comes to life like I've never seen before when she's surrounded by art. She's still a senior in high school but she plans to major in art history at Notre Dame in the fall. Art is her joy and her love, and I can definitely relate to having a passion like that (hello fashion blog). And similarly, Sarah has an art blog. It's called Art History Beats and you need to check it out. This girl will blow your mind with her knowledge!
Photos by Dan Harper 
[blouse: Ann Taylor // blazer: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's // pants: Ann Taylor // hat: Loft (identical one here) // shoes: Banana Republic // earrings: Ann Taylor (old, but I also like these) // watch: Daniel Wellington // bracelet: Ted Baker (similar one here) // heart tag bracelet: Tiffany & Co. // lipstick: Urban Decay's 'F-Bomb'

Family time, art time, fashion time - what a perfect day! Now that I'm no longer living at home (and no longer taking routine trips back), I've learned to appreciate every single second that I do have with the fam. Because let's be honest, as cheesy as it sounds, home really is where the heart is <3. 


  1. Love the polkadot and shoes!


  2. I love that polkadot dress and your shoes it is nice! :)

  3. Love the black and white with your blue. Great polka dots and winter accessories.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. Such a fun and beautiful look :)


  5. You are so gorgeous!! Beautiful and lovely look!!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  6. Love those loafers! The perfect pop of color!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  7. That shirt is so lovely dear!! And also your shoes!1 *-*
    Chicago should be a interesting and amazing city!
    Have a great time there!

  8. Happy new year sweetie! You look fab with the beanie and polka dots!

  9. I really loooove how you mixed up a classic black suit with those ah-mazing blue flats! They give such a cool and creative detail to your outfit, it's like putting your own twist to the more formal and classic look! So you! :)
    Since I've started working at an insurance company I've been looking for ways to diversify my classic work outfits with my own "flavour"! You definitely gave me inspiration! :)


  10. Those shoes are too cute. And how awesome to get to travel and take a trip, you look like you are having a blast!

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  11. The combination that made me seem funny, your sister is so sweet!


  12. Hi Sweet Girl! Happy New Year! What an adorable family you have! I love how you created two completely different suit looks! The pink and bordeaux one is soft and feminine and this one is definitely bold and powerful...but still has that feminine touch with the polka dots;).

  13. OMG beautiful view! Looks as it's so pretty city!


  14. love it! blue is so nice! wanna support each other?

  15. what a lovely post my dear
    your style is amazing and so inspiring
    lovely :)
    with love your AMELY ROSE

  16. Kudos to you taking pics by the lake. I'm a Chicago dweller as well, and it has been so miserably cold! Love the pop of blue :)