High Impact :: fur vest + lace-up heels

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

If you want to make an impact, the truth is you have to make a few bold choices and color outside the lines a bit. For some that could simply mean wearing a color other than black, for others it could mean wearing multiple look-at-me pieces all at once. I identify with the latter. Introducing MY high-impact ensemble - complete with shiny leather, luscious fur, statement baubles, and of course incredibly fierce shoes. 
Sporting high impact pieces are what help you earn your fashion stripes. Like most things in life, the more of these pieces you pile on, the better! ...But let's not get tacky people. To ensure you stay chic, ground your over-the-top items with a sure-fire classic. Take this utterly simple yet utterly stylish button-up for example - it's an evergreen piece, which helps ground my trendier pieces. In short, it's the staple of my entire outfit. 
"Is it just me or do I look like a bear?" I asked myself as I tried on this glorious vest in Ann Taylor one day. The truth is, I may kind of resemble a furry animal. But you know what? I also happen to think I look like an incredibly CHIC furry animal! And THAT'S the voice I choose to listen to. Yes, a fur vest is a bold choice, but that's part of the fun of it! No one ever got anywhere without taking risks, right?
Is it weird that I've become so comfortable in leggings (specifically leather ones) that they don't even feel like a bold choice anymore? But regardless of how often you sport them, the truth is that leather leggings ARE pretty high impact! Slip on a sleek pair of these babies and you instantly look like a bada*s! [Yeah, we don't swear here...which I'm now realizing is not very bada*s of me. But it's okay because my leather leggings make up for it ;) ]
Every time I wear these heels, a fashionista gets her wings! Come on, is there ANYTHING more impactful than these? 
A structured purse with a bow adds some much appreciated femininity into the mix. I'm wearing some pretty fierce pieces so this girly bag is the perfect accessory to subtly sweeten things up! 
I'm proudly wearing not one but TWO gold chokers here! I mean, layering IS the hottest trend of ze decade and I have been taking full advantage. I love how one necklace is powerful and undoubtedly makes a statement while the other is light and delicate -- it's only noticeable when you look closely. That's what we call beautiful contrast, everyone! 
If high impact, wow-worthy, striking pieces aren't your thang? No worries! You can always start small by incorporating funky fresh jewelry into your every day rotation. I love these earrings because they're wild yet strangely beautiful, and they're definitely not too loud. 
Photos by Dan Harper
[blouse: Ann Taylor // vest: Ann Taylor // leggings: Ann Taylor // heels: Ann Taylor // purse: Kate Spade (in turquoise) // thick chocker: Ann Taylor (old, similar here) // thin chocker: fine jewelry // earrings: Ann Taylor (I also like this pair) // gold knot bangle: Kate Spade // cream bangle: Kate Spade // eyeshadow: Innerstellar palette by Kat Von D. // lipstick: 'Bare Pop' by Clinique]

I proudly survived Storm Jonas and I'm here to tell the tale #Blizzard2016! But before we get ahead of ourselves, no, the snow here in NYC has not ALL melted yet - these photos were taken before New York got doused. Isn't it funny though how we were barely even experiencing winter at all when out of the blue it all happened in ONE day? And now we're back to 48 degree weather - yay! Well that was fun winter, see ya next year! Hmm...I hope I'm not jinxing anything...


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  3. Amazingg Post. You look Fabulous
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  4. totally chic, dear!!! xoxo <3 <3 <3

  5. You are rockin this look! I love all of the statement pieces together and those shoes, whoa! Totally fierce babe!!


  6. The Fur + leather pants look great together!

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  8. So stunning! I love the vest, especially because it's a little bit longer in length! Your shoes are beautiful too!


  9. Love the pictures,you look stunning and your style is really classy.
    Fur vest and the heels are perfect !
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  10. Cool furry vest and your lace up shoes are TDF!!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  11. Love the heels! And the leggings! I have been way into my pair like that lately.

    Amy Ann
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  12. Glad to know that you survived Jonas, and in a fashionable way! ;) I looove this outfit, it is indeed a high impact look from head to toe but always keeping it classy. Your heels are to die for!!


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  14. Gorgeous, loving the vest on you

  15. och, perfect outfit!
    Great shoes.
    LOVELY <3

  16. Sexy mama! I'm so loving this outfit!

    >.< Raven

  17. This is such a lovely pairing, Kathleen! I love the way the fur vest looks paired with the sleek leather, creating a nice chic-edgy duo. Those shoes are pretty fabulous, too! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you're having a wonderful day so far, beauty!



  18. Wow! The look is gorgeous and sexy, wonderful sandals dear.


  19. No you look to chic to look like a bear : ) I have a short vest but want to get a longer one like this but in black.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  20. I love a pair of leather leggings and now seeing how you have paired it with the fur vest, I love them even more. What a chic way of surviving a storm! Loved it.

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  24. Love the fur vest and tie-up booties. Such a fab combo and you have styled it perfectly.


  25. This look is bold, fierce, chic, and most definitely high impact! Love how beautifully this outfit came together! Those lace up heels are GORGEOUS!

  26. so stylish,you look awesome
    i love that fur vestand the heels wow
    Everything is lovely

  27. I am so loving every element of this outfit! You look gorgeous as always and I love the faux fur!

    Something About That

  28. I think this is one of my favorite looks! Love the faux leather leggings paired with that vest!

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  29. You look drop dead gorgeous & I am loving your leather leggings & those shoes.. Wow..

  30. Really love your outfit! :)


  31. I love this outfit. The shoes and the vest are just gorgeous!


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