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Friday, February 26, 2016

Leopard Coat Leather Leggings
Allow me to introduce to you what could be referred to as my "uniform." Now, I actually despise uniforms in the traditional sense of the word, but in fashion, a go-to look (with slight variations according to your mood of course) is a total life - and time - saver! For me, that handy style formula is pretty generic. Take a peek:  
Winter Fashion Street Style
Every good uniform needs a statement piece, a more "wild" item if you will ;) This allows you to spice up the everyday, have a little fun with your look, and showcase your personality - everything a good outfit should bring out, right? And while leopard coats may not be for everyone, for ME a good leopard coat is a closet necessity. There's just something about this exotic print that's so adventurous yet classic. After all, leopard is a tried and true favorite. And good news: the iconic print isn't going anywhere! 
NYC Fashion
New York City
If there's one thing I have oodles of, it's button-up shirts. I like them oversized and in various fabrics and prints. This chambray blouse is a total winner that I find myself reaching for whenever I'm stumped about what to wear. I've had it for years (before chambray blouses were cool, if you can believe that) and it's been through quite a lot, but one thing will never change - a good chambray blouse will always be an important part of my uniform. 
Chambray Blouse
Kat's Fashion Fix
Especially in winter, leather leggings are a go-to for me. But my uniform doesn't require them. Any super skinny pant works just as well, whether it be denim, ponte, or even cotton. And jeans with some rips? Even better! 
Leather Leggings
Leopard Coat
One of the most comfortable and versatile shoes out there are booties. I have countless styles and they never fail me. Trust - no matter what you're wearing a great booty will elevate it. And when you're in a rush? Well nothing beats the ease of throwing on a pair of these babies. 
Silver Fringe Booties
New York Fashion
Unless of course I'm having a bad hair day, a hat isn't a usual part of my uniform - but you can bet that unexpected accessories are! A hat is a surefire way to throw some color into your look and/or provide some interest to an otherwise simple ensemble.   
An everyday uniform obviously calls for some kind of purse to hold your day-to-day items. I like my bags to stand out and really reflect my mood as well as compliment my outfit. Oh and anything metallic is my best friend! 
Metallic Clutch
Pink Beanie
I wear a watch every day so of course a watch has to be incorporated into my uniform. I have many different types but this one is such a fun alternative to a straight-up plain one. Creativity is essential in the magical uniform, people! 
Purple Kate Spade Watch
Street Style
This wouldn't be my uniform without some jewelry. I'm a total sucker for statement necklaces! This is one is a modern-styled piece that looks great with anything.  
Beauty Tutorials
Photos by Dan Harper
[coat: Ann Taylor (I also like this one) // chambray blouse: Madewell (similar here) // leather leggings: Ann Taylor (similar here) // pink beanie: Ann Taylor (similar here) // silver booties: Sam Edelman // necklace: Ann Taylor (old) // clutch: Carlo Fellini (I also like this one) // watch: Kate Spade // silver & rose gold cuff: Ted Baker // amethyst bangle: David Yurman // eyeshadow: Innerstellar palette by Kat Von D // lipstick: "Bare Pop" by Clinique] 

There you have it, the building blocks of my personal style and go-to look. Sometimes it's a problem how much I rely on a chambray blouse and skinnies but oh well, everyone has to have a signature :)
Kathleen Harper


  1. You look gorgeous.. Loved everything about the whole look. Those shoes ... !!


  2. Awesome outfit!! Love the leather legging!!

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  3. You wear your uniform so well! Love the leoptd coat and how chic you look! The pink hat adds a touch of femininity to this fierce ensemble. Enjoy your weekend!


  4. Cute beanie, great clutch!


  5. Amazing shoes!


  6. What a beautiful coat, and I love the leather leggings!


  7. The coat is absolutely stunning, love the print! Hope you have a great weekend!


  8. Very stylish as always! pretty!


  9. Well I have to say this is the most fashionable uniform I have ever seen. I do love how chic that leopard coat is and it looks amazing over those leather leggings and chambray shirt. Your accessories are always perfect! That watch, hat, necklace and booties are so wonderful!

    Rebecca http://www.winnipegstyle.ca/Blog/default.cfm

  10. amazing!
    i follow your post

  11. Great look, so eye-catching.... love your coat!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  12. I love your entire outfit but I especially adore your beanie. The soft pink just puts the whole look into that perfect mood. Pssst, your photobomber is SO cute!!!


  13. Hi Kat, what fabulous look you have here, I adore the booties! Great post dear! xoxo


  14. Love the leopard coat. So fun with your leather.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  15. What an obviously great idea- a go to uniform! While I don't necessarily have staple items that i wear all the time, as my wardrobe is quite eclectic, this must solve quite a lot of problems during those days when you look at your endlessly stuffed closet and find nothing to wear.


  16. So in love with that coat, it is gorgeous!

  17. I love your outfit, and you are really beautiful girl, If you want we can follow each other, let me know on my blog :)


  18. Love this look, Kat!
    I agree when you say that leopard print is not for everyone, because I am not the biggest lover of this trend when it comes to clothing, but when it comes to accessories I am all about it! :) It is just a personal preference, I think :) But with that being said, I can surely appreciate how amazing the print looks on others! And, of course, you did an amazing job in the styling department - everything in your outfit works so well together!


  19. I use to have a leopard print coat, wish I had kept it. I moved to Seattle then back to NY and some how it got lost in the shuffle. This one looks great on you. And I tried on a pair of boots like this in Macy's Friday night they were having a huge sale. I was there for an hour and half and didn't end up getting anything. It was over whelming.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  20. This is so glam! Love the leopard print! =)

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  21. Amazing outfit! It looks wild... yet somewhat soft(?)
    I love how you put them together~

    GgMemochou @ Tumblr

  22. Great outfit!This coat looks perfect on you!

  23. Love the knitted hat you wore, so lovely. x amazing leopard coat too, it adds the sexy and chic feel to the whole look.


  24. A chambray shirt and black pants is such the perfect foundation for an outfit! And that coat is so gorgeous!


  25. Your hat is the cutest!


  26. You look so fabulous! I love the blush pink beanie with the leopard print coat!

  27. Such a great look, I absolutely adore this! love the tone of the hat with the leather pant, leopard print coat, and a classic white top -so perfectly balanced!