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Monday, February 1, 2016

Let's talk hair! I know I typically don't touch on beauty a whole lot on my blog, but I want that to change. After all, it's not just the clothing items that make an outfit - your hair and makeup serve as some of the most important accessories in your arsenal. ...Which leads me to a brilliant product called TextureTame!
Now it's no secret that I have wildly curly hair. Some wish to have curly hair of their own, but let me tell you firsthand, it is no walk in the park. Controlling my curls (or taming the beast as I like to call it) is a challenge I face every day. Curly hair is unruly, unpredictable, and completely frizzy pretty much 24/7. So when the lovely people at Dermstore contacted me about TextureTame, I KNEW I had to give this "miracle" product a try. I mean, the online reviews for TextureTame speak for themselves! Guys, people RAVE about this product, I'm not kidding! I was super honored to be able to give it a whirl myself. 
When I received my TextureTame kit, this is what I saw. The package comes with three different products and thus requires three steps (Step 1 is done once every three months, step 2 is done once a week, and step 3 is done daily). I'm super low maintenance when it comes to my hair (I actually don't use ANY products), but the result you get from these three steps are pretty spectacular so it's worth the extra time. 
Before we get to my "after" photos, let's just take a closer look at my frizziness, shall we? I mean look at it, it's SO obvious, right?! And mind you, this is clean, freshly styled hair. I did not sleep on this hair and this is not hat head; this is completely natural frizz and it's present every single day. Ugh - I couldn't wait to eliminate it for good! 
In order to complete the TextureTame process, you'll need a shower cap (used in step 2), a comb, and a hair tie (I used a hair tie to keep all my hair in the shower cap). Once you have the below items, you are ready to start changing your life! 

Wow look at that - magic! I obviously straightened my hair in addition to completing the three-step TextureTame process, but hey - my hair has NEVER been silkier! Guys, this is only after ONE treatment too! I mean seriously, do you see even one hair out of place? Didn't think so ;) 
 Step three in the TextureTame process is my favorite. First of all, this stuff smells amazing, and second, the "finish" step can be used on wet or dry hair and it's what'll keep your strands super soft and smooth. I use it every night now and I wake up to completely controllable, frizzless hair! Dream come true!
Now let's take a closer look at my new locks - the difference is crazy, right? The secret to TextureTame is that it calms your hair by penetrating the hair shaft, reaching the cortex of your hair and attaching the missing hydrogen molecule, which in turn stops your hair from getting poofy. Genius, right? 
TextureTame is exclusively sold at Dermstore and they were nice enough to give me a special link for my readers to enjoy this set at 30% off. If you suffer from crazy frizz and dream of one day having celebrity-worthy locks, then I suggest you give this a try ASAP! For my fellow curly-heads out there especially, this product is pretty much a must-have! 
[shirt: J.Crew // jeans: Gap // sneakers: Thrifted Converse All Stars // necklace: Ann Taylor (I also like this one) // earrings: Kate Spade // watch: Fossil // bangle: Alex & Ani // makeup: Urban Decay's Naked Palette // lipstick: "Iced Amethyst" by Revlon]

After looking at my "before" and "after" pics, it's pretty obvious that the proof is in the pudding. I've never seen my hair look quite as controlled and healthy and I couldn't be happier with my results. What I really love about TextureTame is that each product does its own thing. 

Step 1 eliminates actually treats your hair by sealing the water-loving hydrophilic bond within the hair shaft permanently. 
Step 2 locks in moisture and completes the bond sealing process. In short, it ensures your hair stays smooth and unsusceptible to the weather. 
Step 3 is your finishing touch. This lightweight, leave-in styling serum delivers shine by smoothing the hair’s cuticle without weighing it down. 

Frizzy-haired ladies, help IS out there! I am living proof of it :) 

**This was a sponsored blogpost. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. This loos like a good product! Hope we have the same brand in the Philippines! Thanks for sharing dear :)

  2. Texture Tame sounds pretty amazing and you did a great job with the before and after photos!

  3. Your eyes are so pretty! Loved your post, so informative.
    Love from :)

  4. wow that sounds amazing!

  5. The product sounds amazing, Kat! I don't have curly hair but the frizz control is amazing. Thank you for the review!

    May | THE MAYDEN | bloglovin'

  6. I can't get over how well this stuff seems to work! Wow! Your hair looks incredible!

  7. Your hair always looks so pretty! I have naturally curly hair, but I gave up on taming the beast and just blow dry it straight every time :) lol.

  8. Amazing work and your hair is stunning
    have a nice day :)

  9. Incredible, love your hair straight!

  10. I love theoutcome,your hair looks awesome

  11. Wow - I can't believe the difference!! Photos don't lie!

    Something About That

  12. Awesome results! I will say, I don't mind a little frizz once in awhile - you gotta embrace it ;)

    Christina |

  13. Have you tried air-drying your curls, rather than straightening after using these products? I have 3b curls and I only air-dry.

    1. Hi! I only air-dry my curls as well, and honestly, the product does work better when you straighten your hair. I didn't see TOO much of a difference when I left my curls completely natural. BUT I wouldn't rely on my testimony alone. Check out the Dermstore website and read some of those reviews - people swear by this stuff! I just didn't have the exact same experience for some reason.