Beauty Products I Use Regularly // 1st-ever YouTube vid

Friday, May 12, 2017

It's here! I've officially launched my FIRST YouTube video - wahoo! I've been strictly fashion blogging for five years now and I've finally decided to start delving into the world of video - AND beauty (I know, I know, I'm totally late to the party, right?) 

I wanted to start simple, so, with the help of my good friend Ryan Kathleen Greene, we set off on this journey together! This first video is short and sweet, as I'm still getting my feet wet. I'm not super comfortable on camera, so bare with me - but I will work my way up to talking in vids, I promise!

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Product Details: 
-Tinted moisturizer
-Light coverage
-SPF 30
-Loose powder foundation
-Full, buildable coverage
-Great for sensitive skin
-SPF 15
-Helps set your foundation
-Gives skin an ethereal glow, which helps foundation look more natural
-Feels super light on skin
-Apply just one light layer; it can look cakey if too much is applied
-Reflects light for a photo-fabulous look
-Cream highlighter stick
-Sponge smoother on one end
-Provides a delicate champagne glow
-Cream- to-powder finish
-Applied on cheekbones for a luminous effect
-An iconic and universally flattering shade
-Highly pigmented peachy pink color
-Applied lightly on apples of cheeks

-Used on eyebrows to groom and smooth
-Used to smooth lips before lipstick
-Leaves lips silky smooth
-Gives lips a slight pink tint
-My favorite mascara!
- Gives major volume and length while keeping lashes clump-free
-Multiple coats applied; I love dramatic lashes!
-Applied to give added definition and length to lashes
-Helps separate lashes
-Gives lashes extra oomph!
-Applied on eyelids to prep them for eyeshadow
-Keeps eyeshadow crease-free and makes color more vibrant
-Keeps eyeshadow fresh all day
-Earthy brown shimmer
-Applied right above eyelid crease
-Champagne shimmer
-Applied all over lid – including inner corner
-Gunmetal gray
-Applied using an angled eyeshadow brush
-Applied on outer eyelid corner
-Applied to top eyelid with a slight wing
-Applicator allows for excellent control
-Applied to lower lashes
-Waterproof works better on lower lashes because tears fall directly onto lower
-Applied lightly, no need for more than one coat
-Creamy black liner applied to waterline
-Makes eyes pop for the camera
-I don’t use every day
-Mauve nude-pink color
-Last step!
-Setting spray that keeps makeup looking just-applied for up to 16 hours


  1. Your video is amazing! I did a couple videos last year but they take so much work. Haha! I can't wait for your next video!

  2. Hi Kat! First of all congratulations for your new channel, I'll follow you there too, I still do not make videos but it's something that I have pending and when I feel ready and comfortable, I'll also be more consistent on my channel. I would like to try more things from Urban Decay, but in my city prices almost tripled compared to US prices, kisses!