Power Stance // Black (Faux) Leather + Sheer Tights

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Nyc fashion blogger Kathleen Harper wearing 2020 fashion trends.
A power outfit can take many forms. Sometimes it’s a killer jumpsuit that flatters every curve. Other times, it may be a monochrome suit that not only makes your eyes pop, but looks fierce in a boardroom. If you’re unsure how to find yours, something involving leather is usually a pretty good place to start. Nyc fashion blogger Kathleen Harper wearing a peacoat and leather mini skirt in winter 2020.
Nyc fashion blogger Kathleen Harper's winter outfit inspo for work and date night.
Nyc fashion blogger Kathleen Harper's leather mini skirt outfit.
No matter the occasion, a power outfit will make you feel unstoppable, confident, and fabulous. When dreaming up new looks for myself, I have the same goals in mind, but this outfit hit the nail especially on the head. 

A leather mini skirt is inherently sexy, already making it an intriguing choice for a power outfit. Sheer black tights are a chic way to winterify the ensemble, while a classic, black mock neck sweater is just about as versatile as you can get. All in all, this look will turn heads out on the town and command any room at the office.Nyc fashion blogger Kathleen Harper wearing a Staud black and white croc leather purse.
Nyc fashion blogger Kathleen Harper showing how to wear a leather mini skirt in 2020.
Nyc fashion blogger Kathleen Harper's winter outfit idea for 2020.
Sometimes an all-black, or a nearly-all-black, outfit is the perfect way to make a statement. Always elevated, polished, and alluring, black gets the job done — whatever job that may be. A moody red lip takes the aesthetic to a whole new level, creating a vibe that's ladylike and daring all at the same time.
Nyc fashion blogger Kathleen Harper wearing a Tiffany & Co. silver Love necklace.
Nyc fashion blogger Kathleen Harper wearing a winter date night outfit in 2020.
Nyc fashion blogger Kathleen Harper's work outfit idea for winter 2020.
[jacket: Ann Taylor (old, but I also like this one) // mock neck: H&M // skirt: Zara (similar one here) // boots: Naturalizer // sheer tights: HUE // purse: Staud (I also like this one) // leather cuff: Michael Dawkins (I also like this one) // Love necklace: Tiffany & Co. // earrings: John Hardy (I also like this pair) // lip color: Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick in "Gorg" (similar shade here in "Rubino")]

Sad story about this jacket: soon after taking these photos — we're talking about 3 hours and two errands later — I noticed the "leather" starting to peel around my arm cuffs. From there, everything went downhill quickly. Within minutes, I noticed another patch and another of flaking leathery pieces. I'd sit down, get up, and a pile of faux leather sprinkles would be left in my seat. I was shedding everywhere and my jacket was literally falling to pieces as I wore it. 

Unfortunately, that's sometimes the problem with faux leather items. I've had this particular coat for five years and I guess it was just it's time. BUT, I haven't tossed it just yet. I'm thinking I'll have the sleeves removed and then use it as a vest. If I'm feeling extra inspired, I could even have different sleeves put on it at some point as well. If you have any ideas, hit me up!

[Special hand appearance by my dad, lol]
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