Romance & Ruffles

Saturday, July 14, 2012

[blouse: Ann Taylor, skirt: Ann Taylor, belt: Ann Taylor, heels: Miz Mooz, bangles: Alex and Ani, twisty gold earrings (similar)]

I've always been a girly girl. Pink is my favorite color, I love dressing up, I own so much makeup I could open my own Sephora, I cry while watching The Notebook, and baking cookies is just something I love to do. As it is assumed, there are certain qualities, likes and dislikes, and styles that are associated with femininity; delicate ruffles (along with lace, embellishment, and pleats) are one of those things. 
Adding ruffles to an outfit instantly ups the feminine factor and creates a romantic look of softness and beauty. This is definitely one of my favorite combinations in my closet right now and it never fails to get compliments. Not only are the added details extremely feminine and ethereal, but the color mix of winter white, coral, and gold, creates the ultimate combination of charm and romance. The nude heels and delicate bangles add just the right amount of flare and excitement. In this case, the thin belt is needed to break up the skirt and top and also to make the gold tones in the outfit more apparent. Belts have a way of completing an outfit, and without one here, the outfit wouldn't make as much of an impact. 
Ruffles and pleats effortlessly come together in this delightful ensemble, and it stands to posses just the right touch of everything wonderfully feminine about being a girly girl. Ruffles are definitely a statement and aren't for everyone, but if a woman has the taste for them, I don't think she could wear anything more graceful and alluring.   

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